Facility Use Policy

The Center provides access for the campus community to hardware and software not available elsewhere if circumstances allow and within certain parameters.


No one is allowed to use the computers without authorization from the director.

What the Computers are Designated to be Used for

This hardware was purchased for the specific use of spatial analysis and mapping. It is not to be used for Word Processing, Statistics or Spreadsheets (unless necessary for graphic output), or other non-graphic purposes. You should only access those programs and files for which you have authorization.

Priority for Use

  1. Cartography and Geographic Information Science Center personnel working on Cartography and Geographic Information Science Center projects
  2. Students officially enrolled in Cartography, Remote Sensing, or GIS classes
  3. Faculty and Staff
  4. Graduate students
  5. Undergraduate students


Weekly schedules for computer use are posted in the Cartography and Geographic Information Science Center. You must see Donna Genzmer to schedule computer use time and to check out a key if you need access to the computer during times when the Cartography and Geographic Information Science Center is not otherwise open. (Donna’s hours are usually Monday – Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm.) You are not to pass your key along to anyone else unless authorized to do so. You are responsible for what happens in the Center during the time you are there. Your use of the Center should be restricted to the computer area and lunch room (Bolton 420D) only. Do not leave the room unlocked (even to step out for a few minutes). Use of the center’s telephone is for emergencies only. Do not leave your possessions all over the place when you are working in the lab. Coats and backpacks should be placed on the appropriate table in Bolton 420D. Remember, this is a business office and act accordingly. It is your responsibility to clean up when you are done and to reconnect any equipment configuration you changed.

Reference Materials

Reference materials are to remain in the computer area. This means you do not take them out of there!

Creating & Storing Files

All the files you create should be stored on your personal media and not on the hard drive. Tell Donna (or your TA) if you inadvertently stored a file on the hard drive so we may help you retrieve it before we erase it. You are not allowed to delete files from the hard drive, or change system or software configuration files.

Screwing Up

From time to time we expect some screw ups. You need to tell us when that happens so we can try to fix what went wrong. There is NO evening hot line number you can call to get help. Problems will have to wait until the next morning. Always leave a note on Donna’s keyboard clearly explaining the problem, which computer you were using, date, your name, and a phone number where we can reach you if we have questions. If you receive an error message write it all down.

Food & Drink

Food and beverages are not allowed in the computer area. No profanity, alcohol, smoking, or illegal substances are allowed in the Center.

When Done

  1. Turn off the computer.
  2. Put back everything you’ve taken out; reconnect any equipment configuration you’ve changed.
  3. Turn off lights.
  4. Close the door and make sure it is locked.