The Program

Each year the Center constitutes a group of UWM Fellows, as well as one or two external Fellows, who are provided release time from teaching to pursue their research interests and to participate in biweekly seminars. All of these activities contribute to C21’s mission to imagine, define, and create the emergent field of 21st century studies.

Beginning in 2018-19, the Center’s 50th anniversary year, C21 will move away from its previous focus on particular themes that change from year to year. Instead, the Center will organize its research and public programs around three ongoing areas of interdisciplinary humanities research: critical, public, and digital humanities.

  • Critical humanities describes the continuation of the Center’s ongoing focus on critical and theoretical interdisciplinary scholarship and research.
  • Public humanities entails both the communication of humanities research outside the walls of the university and the humanistic engagement with local, regional, and national communities.
  • Digital humanities research focuses on the remediation of print texts and artifacts in digital formats, as well as on the creation of new critical methodologies for analyzing digital media.

The Center provides each Fellow with access to office space on the ninth floor of Curtin Hall and with research assistance (library assistance, duplication, etc.) as resources permit. Each Fellow is expected to participate in the biweekly Center Fellows’ seminar and to attend all C21 public programs throughout the year. Fellows are expected to give a public presentation on his or her research no later than the academic year following the fellowship. Fellows will be required to produce at least one grant proposal from their fellowship year, with support from C21 and the Office of Sponsored Research. No one may hold a Center fellowship more than twice in a five-year period.

UWM Faculty and Staff

UWM faculty Fellows receive a reduction in their teaching responsibilities sufficient to bring their course load down to one course each semester, as well as being relieved from committee work. Faculty in all departments who hold the rank of assistant, associate, or full professor may apply. C21 will work with academic staff on a case-by-case basis to provide compensation for participating in the fellowship program. No one may hold a C21 fellowship more than twice in a five-year period.

UW System Faculty

One faculty member from the UW System is also selected to be part of the Center’s fellowship program. Terms of the fellowship are the same as those that apply to UWM faculty.