MBA Students Admitted PRIOR to Fall 2021

Students Admitted PRIOR to Fall 2021*

MBA Curriculum Prior to Fall 2021

*The curriculum you need to follow is based on your ADMITTED term (i.e. if you were admitted prior to the Fall of 2021). If you are not sure, please reach out to Graduate Student Services.

MBA Electives and Concentrations

MBA Electives and Concentrations

Please review our “Year at a Glance” course offering guide to review when courses are offered.

Note: The IMCP Labs and BUS MGMT 734 can not satisfy an MBA Elective

MBA Course Sequencing and Enrollment

As an MBA student, you have the option to take your MBA courses in-person and online. This allows you to maximize the credits you take in a semester in the format you want! To see when our courses are offered, please visit and review the “Year at a Glance” guide. As you enroll, you will see several sections for a given course. Please note, sections 212 are for Online MBA Students Only.

Year at a Glance

How to Add or Drop a Course

Graduate Certificates

Adding a certificate can be zero to nine credits additional credits to your overall curriculum and is a great way to satisfy your elective requirement.

Graduate Certificates

For additional certificate information and course planning, please reach out to Graduate Student Services.

MBA Tuition and Fees*

Regardless of your admission year, all MBA students will pay the semester tuition, set by the UW System. For additional information on tuition and fees, please visit the UWM One Stop Student Services Site. Once on the site, you can review the “Business Masters Fee Schedule”.

*Tuition subject to change. Additional fees may apply

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