Faculty & Staff Resources

Human Resources

Alternative Work Patterns

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee will make every reasonable effort to approve written requests of its employees for alternative work patterns whenever appropriate and in a manner consistent with the operational needs and provisions of this plan. Complete the Alternative Work Patterns form for consideration.

Benefits Resources
Digital Measures
Directory Listings

To add your information to the Directory, or to update your current information please fill out the Directory Submission form.

Earning Statement FAQs
Incident Reporting + Risk Management
Leave Reporting
Timesheet Entry
Hourly employees hired by PSOA are required to log their hours using the HRS Timesheet (after activating their ePantherID) found in the UW Portal. For instructions please see the following KnowledgeBase article.

Entry deadlines and pay dates can be found on the pay dates webpage under the University Staff and Student Employees heading.

Timesheet Approval (supervisors)

Supervisors of hourly employees are required to approve time worked on a biweekly basis. Entry/Approval deadlines can be found on the pay dates webpage under the University Staff and Student Employees heading.

Procedures should be as follows:

  1. Login to the UW Portal.
  2. Review ‘Timesheet’ entry. Any Exceptions should be cleared, and missing punches submitted.
  3. If no corrections were made, you can proceed to step 4. If corrections were made, you’ll need to wait a few hours for the changes to cycle through the Time Administration process.
  4. Approve Payable Time
    Tip: We recommend adding both “Timesheet” and “Payable Time” to your “Favorites” within the system for easier navigation in future.

Facilities & Box Office

After-Hours Building Access & Hand Scans

PSOA Buildings (7 days a week | 7AM-10PM)

  • Art and Mitchel Hall
    • Students, Faculty, and Staff may use their University ID to access these facilities outside of business hours
  • All other PSOA Buildings
    • Students, Faculty, and Staff who require access outside of business hours must request hand scanning access at the Box Office

PSOA Rooms (Art 203, Music 120, Mitchell 371)

  • Access rooms after-­hours via digital lockbox by entering your individual access code (Employee ID minus first two zeros – see paystub on My UWSystem Portal).
  • Instructions for using digital lockbox:
    • Press Enter (red light will illuminate)
    • Enter access code
    • Press Enter (green light will illuminate)
    • Slide brass slider down
    • Pull out key and unlock  door
    • Replace Key
    • Close box and slide brass slider back up
Classroom/Studio Access Codes
Event + Calendar Submission Form (required for all events)
  1. View our monthly schedule of events to avoid duplicating or competing with other events
  2. Approve event with Department Chair
  3. Fill out the Event/Calendar Submission Form
  4. Following submission you will receive a confirmation email. Please allow a few days for your event to be created.

If you need to make changes after your event is submitted please email psoa-event@uwm.edu. This address reaches box office, facilities and marketing. 

Facilities Use & Access Policies

View the Use & Access Policies document for more information about our buildings and spaces.

House Management Report

Gallery Guards, House Managers, and Building Managers must complete the House Management Report after events. Email psoa-hm@uwm.edu with any questions.

In Case of Emergency
Kenilworth Square East Space Request for Filming & Exhibitions

To request specific space usage in Kenilworth Square East, complete the KSE Space Request (Filming & Exhibitions) Form.

Kenilworth Square East Studio Request or Renewal

To request or renew a Kenilworth Square East Studio, complete the KSE Studio Request Form.

Rental Information

  • Requests Due April 1 for the Upcoming Academic Term
  • Notifications emailed by May or Early June
  • Payments to the Box Office Due October 1
  • Unpaid rentals will lose studio access by November 2

2017-18 Annual Fees

Fees are for occupancy and are not related to the size of the studio or whether it is being shared. Box Office fees and sales tax not included. 

Graduate Students: $200
(First time renters must also pay a refundable $50 key deposit)
Academic Staff & Assistant Professors: $250
Associate Professors: $275
Full Professors: $300

Key Request (office, classroom, practice room)
Lost & Found

All Lost & Found items are located in ART 203.


Mailboxes are located in Art 203 and are sorted alphabetically by last name.

Reserve a Room
Work Order/Trouble Reports

General Resources

Credit Outreach Course Information
CV & Syllabi Submission
  • Syllabi: Email all syllabi as PDFs in a single email to your department Programs Assistant. Filename structure: Dept-Catalog(s)­‐Section(s)-Last-Name-*First (*only if Duplicate Exists in Dept.)
    • Dance-220-­803-Barton
    • Music-211212311312-­801-Russell
    • Art-489-­801-Cisler-Andrea
    • Film-103-­803804805806-Paynter
    • Theatre-111112-­801811831-Howell
  • CV: Email as PDF; Filename structure: LastName-Firstname
  • Art & Design or Film, Video, Animation and New Genres: Kristy Volbrecht, volbrech@uwm.edu
  • Dance, Music, or Theatre: Barb Garncarz, garncarz@uwm.edu
Drop Off / Pick Up
  • Bring items to ART 203 with the name of the recipient clearly labeled
  • Items should be no larger than your mailbox (H 2”, W 10”, D 12”)
  • A student worker will retrieve the item when the designated recipient arrives
Student Assistance Request

Faculty & Staff Services Office student workers will be available on a limited basis to assist with departmental projects. Student Assistance Requests will be approved based on availability of student workers and scope of the project. Please allow one week for project approval and scheduling of student workers.

Supply Purchasing Request

Supply Purchasing Requests will be processed via the PSOA Faculty & Staff Services Office and Program Staff members. Please allow ample time for processing and delivery. Questions, please call 229-4947.

Marketing Promotion

Event Promotion
Free resources available to promote your event
  • Community Calendar Submission
  • Personal E-­blast
    • Request that all performers and crew send a personal event announcement to colleagues/peers
  • Facebook Event Page Promotion
    • Add performers as hosts
    • Post status updates in the event thread at least 2x per week to keep activity elevated; upload photos and videos from rehearsals and remember to tag performers
    • Require all performers and crew to “invite” area colleagues/peers to the event page
  • Social Media
    • Post regular event/rehearsal updates to personal social media accounts; photo, and especially video, posts have the best organic reach
Request design work and promotional materials
  1. Work with your Chair and Area Manager to identify your budget for your event.
  2. Contact the PSOA Marketing Department at least 7 weeks prior to your event (this timeframe allows for circulations no later than 3 weeks before the event, drafts include 2 weeks turnaround time, and there’s a 1 week buffer to allow for content and resources submission).
  3. Depending on the request, an in-person meeting might be suggested to identify all timelines, duties, and responsibilities. Please be sure to consider this into the overall timeframe of the project.
Request a Footlights-­published glossy event program
  1. Complete the Footlights Season Sign-up Form as early as possible
  2. Contact Amanda Schumacher to confirm quote, delivery, and discuss program copy submission deadlines and processes: aschumacher@footlights.com or (262) 439-­5748
Request the PSOA Step and Repeat banner
  • Email Justin Kunesh, jkunesh@uwm.edu to check availability
  • There is no cost to borrow, but we expect to have the banner returned one business day following the event
  • Dimensions: 8′ x 8′ (includes carrying case and stand)

PSOA step-and-repeat-banner

Request a PSOA Marketing videographer or photographer to professionally document your event
  • Email psoa-marketing@uwm.edu to check availability and rates
  • You will be charged back for the student’s hours, which may include prep work, shooting, additional help and equipment, and editing; you will be provided with an estimate prior to confirmation of hire
Photo Release Form

Please use the photo release form to acquire permission from individuals you may be photographing at your event who are not currently UWM students. This form is required should you like to use images publicly or within promotional materials.

License to Record & Broadcast

Please fill out the record & broadcast form to acquire permission from individuals you may be filming/broadcasting at your event who are not currently UWM students.

Logos / Envelopes / Letterhead
Envelopes & Letterhead

Confirm pricing with your chair then complete the Envelope Order Form or Letterhead Order Form. Orders are fulfilled by the UWM Print & Copy Center.

Download PSOA Letterhead to use electronically or print locally. Be sure to save as a PDF to ensure universal support and proper formatting.

UWM & PSOA logos

The UWM logo must be included on all publications/materials. Visit the University’s Branding site for more information on logo usage. Space permitting, the Peck School of the Arts logo should be included as well. In both instances the preferred full logo should be used when possible. When using both logos, UWM must always appear to the left or above the school logo and should be relatively equal in size.

Print Use

Web Use ONLY

Share News with PSOA/UWM
Recognize PSOA faculty/staff, alumni, and students for earned awards or rankings, community leadership, published articles, guest lectures or performances, and other notable research
  1. Complete this News Form (select “PSOA” from the School/College menu & check the “Alert Provost’s Office” box)
  2. Email full details to department faculty reflector
I have written my own press release, may I pitch it directly to journalists?

Yes, but please copy psoa‐news@uwm.edu on each release so that we can keep abreast of your events and research. Request  press  contacts  directly  from  the marketing office.

I have written an Op-­Ed about a relevant current event that is connected to my area of specialty. Beyond local publications, how do I submit for possible national syndication?
Alert PSOA & UWM of my upcoming and/or past media appearances
  1. Alert PSOA Marketing, Development, Recruitment, and UWM Media Relations, by completing the Media Appearances Form
  2. Email department faculty reflector
Request a PSOA Marketing videographer or photographer to professionally document your research
  • Email psoa-marketing@uwm.edu to check availability and rates
  • You will be charged back for the student’s hours, which may include prep work, shooting, additional help and equipment, and editing; you will be provided with an estimate prior to confirmation of hire
Department Outreach Coordinators

Outreach Coordinators lead department tours, connect you with high school teachers, coordinate high school visits, develop on-­campus workshops, share recruitment materials, offer expertise, etc.


  • Requests for access to WISDM can be made to the Assistant Dean of Finance, Amanda Obermeyer (oby@uwm.edu), and typically take 2-3 business days for set up.
  • The UW TravelWIse portal should be used for all travel related information. Through this link you are able to access Concur to book travel, access SFS to complete travel authorization & expense reimbursement processing, and view UW Policies & Resources.
  • Visit the US Bank Travel Card site for information such as application, online setup, policy & procedure guide, etc.
Purchasing Information
  • View information on UWM Purchasing Training and Policies & Procedures.
  • Expense Reimbursements are to be completed through the reimbursement menu item found on the UW TravelWIse website.
  • View Purchasing Card Information such as application, online setup, policy & procedure guide, etc.
  • Purchasing Card transactions in need of reallocation (funding) should be emailed to psoa-purchasing@uwm.edu. If you received an electronic receipt, please forward that email with the correct funding. Otherwise, send the email with date, amount, and merchant of the transaction along with where the funding should be reallocated to.


  • Machines are located for Faculty/Staff in Art 203, Music 120 & Mitchell 371
  • Enter your Employee ID, sans all leading zeros (see paystub on My UWSystem Portal)
  • For problems or issues contact the number on the copier
  • When finished copying, logout by pressing the yellow reset button and the clear button at the same time
  • For those who are not yet setup – continue printing as previous semesters
  • Mac users currently trained must print using the RICOH preset (option Mark installed on your computer)
  • Eventually we’ll transition all users to RICOH printing (more info soon)
  • Machines are located for Faculty/Staff use in Art 203, Music 120 & Mitchell 371. Accessible after-­hours via digital lockbox by entering your individual access code (Employee ID minus first two zeros – see paystub on My UWSystem Portal).
  • It’s recommended you scan to a USB device (FAT32 or MS‐DOS type)
  • All software requests must go through IT Support including low/no cost software in order to ensure proper inventorying and purchasing procedures
  • All computers, tablets or related peripherals over $150, must be purchased in consultation with IT Support