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Training Required to Work with Animals at UWM

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Training Documentation Forms

Training documentation forms are found on the IACUC forms page

Continuing Education Requirements for 2022

In order to meet training requirements from the NRC, OLAW, and the “Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals (8th ed.)”, all animal users listed on protocols (including students and staff) will need to complete annual continuing education for 2021 by March 15, 2022. To complete these requirements, please review and/or submit the forms in the steps followed:

1. Participate in annual continuing education by choosing any of the recommended topics from the IACUC-approved list here.
Then, complete the IACUC Continuing Education Submission Form, where you will indicate the topic you chose and when it was completed.

2. Review and complete the Occupational Health and Safety Refresher Training 2022, where you will be also be required to accept or decline renewed participation of your occupational health risk assessment.

Requirements for Completion of Animal Care Certification

Meet with Vet/Lab Manager to review training manual and complete Occupational Health Risk AssessmentComplete Animal Care ExamReceive confirmation letter for completion of Occupational Health Risk AssessmentView Bio-Methodology VideoARC Facilities TourHands on Training for Rodent UsersComplete CITI Training module
Mouse Users at UWM facilitiesxxxxxx
Rat Users at UWM facilitiesxxxxxx
Zebrafish Usersxxxx
Fish Usersxxxx
Amphibian Usersxxxx
Field Studies with mammals/fish/birdsxxxx
New IACUC Membersxxxx

Training Calendar and CE opportunities provided by the Animal Care Program

DateTopicHow to Register
April 29th, 2022Webinar: "Reproducibility of Animal Models" 1:30 pmemail