Muse, Kevin

Associate Professor
Ancient & Modern Languages, Literatures, & Cultures


  • PhD, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Research Interests

Latin prose and poetry; Greek and Roman social history; Roman law and religion

Teaching Interests

Roman civilization; Elementary Greek and Latin; Greek and Latin literature

Recent Publications

Varium et Mutabile Semper Femina: Divine Warnings and Hasty Departures in Odyssey 15 and Aeneid 4.” Classical Quarterly. 2023.

Recent Conference Presentations

  • “Ἀσωτία at the Crossroads.” Presented at “Luxuria: il vizio capitale dei romani,” a conference at the University of Rome, La Sapienza. 3-31-23.
  • “An Allusion to an Etymology of Latium in Lycophron.” Society for Classical Studies. New Orleans, Louisiana. 1-6-23.
  • Rem patris oblimare: The Humorous Economy of Horace Satires 1.2.61-2.” Classical Association of the Middle West and South, 116th Annual Meeting. Birmingham, Alabama. Online panel. 3-26-20.
  • “The Callias of Aeschines Socraticus and the Meaning of διαφορά at Athenaeus 5.220b.” Society for  Classical Studies. Toronto, Canada. 1-6-17.

Recent Invited Lectures

“ΑΣΩΤΙΑ: The Prodigal’s Fate in Greek Allegory and Satire.” Guttman Lecture at Union College, Schenectady, NY. 3-5-20. 

Courses Taught

    • Classics 170: Classical Mythology
    • Classics 202: Introduction to Roman Life and Literature
    • Classics 303: Life and Literature of the Roman Empire


    • Greek 103: First-Semester Greek
    • Greek 104: Second-Semester Greek
    • Greek 205: Third-Semester Greek
    • Greek 306: Readings in Ancient Greek Literature
    • Greek 501: Readings in Greek Prose
    • Greek 502: Readings in Greek Poetry
    • MALLT 799: Attic Greek Prose Readings


    • Latin 103: First-Semester Latin
    • Latin 104: Second-Semester Latin
    • Latin 205: Third-Semester Latin
    • Latin 306: Readings in Latin Literature
    • Latin 499: Readings in the Roman Historians (Livy)
    • Latin 501: Readings in Latin Prose
    • Latin 502: Readings in Latin Poetry
    • MALLT 799: Vergil’s Aeneid


  • L&S Hum 296 UROP Apprenticeship