Matthew McGinty

Associate Professor
 Bolton Hall 888



PhD, University of California, Santa Cruz
MA, University of California, Santa Cruz
BA, Michigan State University

Research Interests

Environmental Economics, Game Theory and Industrial Organization

Current Projects

“International Environmental Agreements”
“Conjectures in Public Goods Games”

Selected Publications

Gelves, A., & McGinty, M.D. (2016). International Environmental Agreements with Consistent ConjecturesJournal of Environmental Economics and Management, 78: 67 – 84.

McGinty, M. D. (2014). Strategic Incentives in Teams: Implications of Returns to Scale. Southern Economic Journal, 81(2), 474-88.
McGinty, M. D., & Milam, G. (2013). Public Goods Provision by Asymmetric Agents: Experimental Evidence. Social Choice and Welfare, 40(4), 1159-1177.
McGinty, M. D., Milam, G., & Gelves, A. (2012). Coalition Stability in Public Goods Experiments: Testing a New Allocation Rule. Environmental and Resource Economics, 52(3), 327-345.
McGinty, M. D. (2011). A Risk-Dominant Allocation: Maximizing Coalition Stability (2011) 13 (2), 311-325. Journal of Public Economic Theory, 13(2), 311-325.
McGinty, M. D. (2010). International Environmental Agreements as Evolutionary Games. Environmental and Resource Economics, 45(2), 251-269.
Heywood, J., & McGinty, M. D. (2007). Convex Costs and the Merger Paradox Revisited. Economic Inquiry, 45(2), 342-349.
McGinty, M. D. (2007). International Environmental Agreements Among Asymmetric Nations. Oxford Economic Papers, 59(1), 45-62.