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Africology is the discipline that scrutinizes the life histories and prospects of peoples of primary African origin. Employing the methods and techniques of scientific inquiry as well as the logic of normative discourse, it describes, explains, evaluates, and predicts ranges of phenomena that ground its subject matter. The major in Africology, thus, is designed to educate students in the best traditions of the liberal arts and sciences, providing them with a sound knowledge of the past, present, and future roles of peoples of primary African origin in the structuring of life in diverse societies.

The department’s courses are designed to satisfy the needs of at least three groups of students:

  1. those who desire to specialize in Africology,
  2. those whose career objectives make it desirable to have knowledge of the Afroworld,
  3. and those who seek to broaden the scope of their education in the liberal arts and sciences.

Students considering a major or minor in Africology are encouraged to seek assistance in the Department of Africology, located in Mitchell Hall 214.