Expect that your classes will be offered in person or online. 

We are planning for most classes this fall to be face-to-face, along with the option of taking some courses online. Search the schedule of classes to find out whether courses are face-to-face, online or a blend of the two. 

In the Classroom

Most classes will be face-to-face. Online courses are either synchronous — you show up virtually at a set time on specific days — or asynchronous — you can view lectures, participate in discussions and log work at any time. 

A professor talks with students in class.

Academic Support

Undecided on your major? Discover six metamajor paths — each covering multiple majors, so you try different subjects while staying on track to earn your degree on time. Is one class really challenging? Get help with a tutor or mentor.  

Orient Yourself

Visit campus, complete course placements to ensure your classes reflect your skills and strengths, and get the rundown on financial aid.

UWM Branch Campuses

Get to know UWM at Washington County and UWM at Waukesha through campus orientation programs, as well as Fall Welcome events. Check out the programs and prepare to learn!

Graduate Students

Find your way on campus with Graduate School orientation for newly admitted students. And be sure to check out our resources and toolboxes for master’s and doctoral students.