Election Day Voting

Wisconsin polling places are open for voting on Election Days from 7AM to 8PM.

View your voter information including next election, polling place, voting history, and elected officials at MyVote Wisconsin – My Voter Information.

Bring the following items on Election Day:

For information on what to expect at the polls on Election Day, visit Wisconsin Elections Commission – Election Day.

Voting Accessibility

There are a number of accessibility accommodations including curbside voting and special voting booth equipment. For information on accessibility accommodations, visit Wisconsin Elections Commission – Voting Accessibility.

Absentee Voting

If you do not wish to vote in person on Election Day, you may request an absentee ballot. Your request must be received by your municipal clerk by 5 PM the Thursday before the election for them to process and mail you your absentee ballot. Your completed ballot must be mailed and received by 8 PM Election Day.

See Wisconsin Absentee Voting for more information.

Early Voting

Early voting is a form of absentee voting that is performed in person. Contact your municipal clerk for early voting locations, dates, and hours.

See Wisconsin Absentee Voting for more information.