Campus: Milwaukee

Availability: Fall, Spring, Summer

Method: In Person, Virtual

Dyanna Czeck


College of Letters & Science

Current Faculty or Staff Member

Dr. Dyanna Czeck is a Professor in UWM’s Department of Geosciences. She researches structural geology and particularly is interested in understanding the processes that allow rocks to break, squish, and bend when tectonic plates collide and grind past one another. She has conducted field research in a variety of natural settings that host ancient plate boundaries including parts of the United States (Wisconsin, Minnesota, Utah, California), Canada, Spain, and Scotland. She has a huge collection of interesting rocks and is happy to share the stories they tell about billions of years of Earth’s history.


Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, etc.)


Geology, Geoscience Careers, Geosciences, Rocks, Structural geology, Tectonics, Wisconsin geologic history