UWM student using laptop in library

Watch prerecorded presentations about UW-Milwaukee, from videos about enrollment next steps to on-demand resources with specific information about many of our schools and colleges.

Admission How-To Videos with Admissions Advisors

Learn more about the college admissions process with these how-to videos created by UWM admissions advisors:

Enrollment Next Steps

If you’ve been admitted to UWM, learn about your enrollment next steps for the fall.

  • Enrollment Steps: 1:18
  • Housing: 3:17
  • Course Placement: 6:55
  • Orientation: 8:20
  • Financial Aid: 9:25

Online Learning at UWM

UWM is a leader in online education. Our faculty and students share their tips on how to be a successful online student and what you can expect when you take an online course at UWM. Plus, you can watch a couple of online lectures from real UWM courses.