MATC AAS Nursing-Associate Degree to UWM RN to BS in Nursing Completion

The Nursing AAS degree at MATC prepares students to become registered nurses. Coursework covers educational concepts such as:

  • Professional nursing standards of integrity and responsibility
  • Communicating information using multiple sources
  • Theory-informed decision-making
  • Nursing care for diverse populations
  • Teamwork in a health care setting
  • Safe and effective care practices

The Nursing Completion BS at UWM provides additional education for registered nurses. Students grow professionally, learn leadership concepts and build relationships with peers. 

Both programs emphasize:

  • Practical communication skills
  • Problem solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Interpersonal relations

The Nursing Completion BS may be taken in-person, fully online or through the Flexible Options program. 

The transfer pathway below follows the Wisconsin Technical College System articulation agreement between MATC’s AAS in Nursing & the RN to BS in Nursing completion program at UWM. To have as many courses transfer as possible, follow the course substitutions marked with an asterisk. 

For more information about nursing transfer pathways between MATC and UWM, fill out the below form:


MATC Courses and the UWM Equivalent

MATC CourseCreditsUWM CourseUWM Requirement
ENG-201 English 1*3ENGLISH 101Elective / Prerequisite for ENGLISH 102
ENG-201 English 2*3ENGLISH 102Oral & Written Communication – Part A
BIOSCI-177 General Anatomy & Physiology4BIO SCI 202A&P I
BIOSCI-179 Advanced Anatomy & Physiology4BIO SCI 203Natural Science with lab GER / A&P II
BIOSCI-197 Microbiology4BIO SCI 101Natural Science with lab GER / Microbiology
CHEM-186 Intro Biochemistry4CHEM 103Natural Science GER / Biochem
PSYCH-238 Lifespan Psychology*3NURS 203Social Science GER / Growth & Development
SOCSCI-172 Intro to Diversity Studies3SOCIOL 224Social Science / Cultural Diversity GER / Sociology
543-101 Nursing Fundamentals
543-102 Nursing Skills
543-103 Nursing Pharmacology
543-104 Nursing: Intro Clinical Practice
543-105 Nursing Health Alterations
543-106 Nursing Health Promotion
543-107 Nursing Clinical Care across Lifespan
543-108 Nursing Intro Clinical Care Management
543-109 Nursing Complex Health Alterations I
543-110 Nursing Mental Health & Comm Concepts
543-111 Nursing Intermediate Clinical Practice
543-112 Nursing Advanced Skills
543-113 Nursing Complex Health Alterations II
543-114 Nursing Management & Professional Concepts
543-115 Nursing Advanced Clinical Practice
543-116 Nursing Clinical Transition
32Block credit transfer to reach 60Associate Degree in Nursing
Total MATC Credits60
*Recommended substitution or elective

UWM Courses to Fulfill Bachelor’s Degree Requirements

UWM CourseCreditsUWM Requirements
MATH 102, 103, 105, 108 or other3Quantitative Literacy – Part A
Language other than English0-8May be met by two years of high school or two years of college
Various course options3Art GER
Various course options6Humanities GER
Various course options0-3History Requirement (may also apply Hum GER)
CHEM 101 Chemical Science5Natural Science / Chemistry
PSYCH 101 Intro to Psychology3Social Science / General Psychology
BMS 232 Intro to Nutrition3Natural Science / Nutrition
UWS NSG 407 Foundations of Professional Nursing Practice3Nursing Major requirement
UWS NSG 441 Chronic Care Management3Nursing Major requirement
UWS NSG 446 Research, Evidence-Based Practice3Nursing Major requirement / Quantitative Literacy – Part B
UWS NSG 447 Leadership & Management3Nursing Major requirement
UWS NSG 453 Information Management & Healthcare Tech3Nursing Major requirement
UWS NSG 454 Community Health Nursing3Nursing Major requirement
NURS 445 Capstone Seminar & Practicum3Nursing Major requirement / Oral & Written Communication – Part B
UWS NSG / NURS coursework – varies9Nursing Electives
Coursework as needed to reach 1248Electives
Total UWM Credits64
Total MATC & UWM Credits124