If an organization is planning an event, and is using segregated university fees to pay a speaker or performer (done only under a UWM contract or UWM contract rider), the organization must arrange a meeting with a Student Involvement professional.   Please schedule the meeting 5-6 weeks in advance of the event, or it may not be possible to process the contract paperwork in time for the event.  Contracts and related documents must be completed, signed and turned in to Student Involvement no less than 30 days prior to the event date.  Student organizations are not authorized to sign contracts or make verbal commitments when using segregated university fees.

If the organization is not using segregated university fees, the group should still schedule a meeting with their Student Involvement Liaison Advisor in order to review the details of any arrangements that may involve University resources (facilities, audio/visual, or space allocation).  Students must submit a contract to the University for any speaker they bring to campus, even if the speaker is not being paid (See also Guest Speakers). Student organizations are solely responsible for their financial commitments.  Student organizations may not contract for any services or goods, nor imply that the University in any way supports or approves of the event, activity or contractual arrangements.

Student organizations which are currently registered with Student Involvement, and in good standing, are eligible for access to University facilities, subject to applicable rules and policies governing the facilities.  This access does not permit student organizations to sponsor any non-University or unqualified group for the use of University facilities, except in the UWM Union.