STAR Awards

What are the STAR Awards?


A long-standing spring tradition in the UWM Division of Student Affairs, and the UWM Division of Enrollment Management, revolves around the recognition of professional staff who have made significant impact on the lives of students and the professional staff they touch. Awarding remarkable performers at all levels within the organization, as well as remarkable initiatives and efforts, all those who work hard and strive for a STAR are within reach.

2019 Winners

  • Academic Staff member of the Year
    • Enrollment Management: Cindy Reindl (Financial Aid)
    • Student Affairs: Jennifer Esslestrom (Children’s Learning Center)
  • University Staff
    • Enrollment Management: Katie Peterson and Jamie Kiefer (Registrar)
    • Student Affairs: J. Dietenberger (SAITS)
  • New Academic Staff
    • Enrollment Management: Natalie Chin (Registrar)
    • Student Affairs: Scott Hartman (Union)
  • New University Staff
    • Enrollment Management: Emily Sebastian (Undergraduate Admissions)
    • Student Affairs: Ashley Steltenpohl (Athletics)
  • Graduate Assistant of the Year
    • Enrollment Management: Sammi Schams (Undergraduate Admissions)
    • Student Affairs: Amanda Gallo (Student Union)
  • Outstanding Program, Service, or Initiative (Small)
    • Enrollment Management: National Career Development Day (Career Planning and Resource Center) — Olivia Cross & the CPaRC Staff
    • Student Affairs: Spring Break Trips (University Recreation) – Alexis Lyons, Nicholas Orlowski, Ben Kmecheck, Natassja Sook, Genevieve Harper, Chris Jones, AJ Heil
  • Outstanding Program, Service, or Initiative (Large)
    • Enrollment Management: Student Scholarship Portal (Financial Aid) – Maria Solis, Jamie Kovtun, Coleen Dunlap, Colleen Johnson, Karen Klips
    • Student Affairs: Coldpocalypse Programming (University Housing) – Rachael Amick, Markie Hopins, Joel Bushman, Zach Cramer, Tom Garcia, Haley Zangl
  • Student Advocate
    • Enrollment Management: Student Advocate (Financial Aid)
    • Student Affairs: Haley Zangl (University Housing)
  • Stellar Student Affairs/Enrollment Management Partner
    • Enrollment Management: Two-year school consolidation partners – Nicolette Parada, Tima Guled, Sue Kalinka, Courtney O’Connell, Dan Geddes, Liz Schielke, Dan Schindler, Rachel Stern
    • Student Affairs: Purchasing – James Eisenhauer, Kathy Kercheck, Pam Loignon, Donna Lumsden, Kithara Vogel
  • Supervisor of the Year
    • Enrollment Management: Kathleen Peterburs (Financial Aid)
    • Student Affairs: Cathy Rossi (Athletics)
  • Rising S.T.A.R.
    • Enrollment Management: Ariel Milton-Kern (Student Success Center)
    • Student Affairs: Adam Schemm (Athletics)

Previous Winners