Staff Resources

Student Affairs Business Services

Helping all Divisional departments collaborate and work well with UWM Central Business Financial Services, Facilities/Planning and Parking/Transportation to ensure state, system and institutional compliance and efficiency. The Student Affairs Business Services provide accounting and budgeting assistance and guidance to all levels and departments in the Division. Additionally, the business services team oversees capital projects planning, financial analysis and reporting functions for the Division. Other support services include: purchasing, program evaluation and strategic planning. The Student Affairs Business Services also refines best practices to support operational effectiveness and efficiencies. The staff closely collaborates with UWM Business Financial Services, Facilities and Planning, and Parking and Transportation on behalf of the Division. View more

Student Affairs Human Resources

Helping all Divisional departments collaborate and work well with UWM Central Human Resources, Student Affairs Human Resources maintains personnel policies and procedures related to compensation and titles, recruitments, appointments, continuity status, equity and promotions, and legal compliance with employment laws. Additionally, the staff assists in divisional strategic planning by way of workforce analysis, compensation plan design, and policy development. The area is also responsible for the annual Diversity Assessment Report. View more

Student Affairs Information Technology Services (SAITS)

Working closely with UWM Campus Technology, SAITS applies a layer of customer service and industry expertise that keeps many systems within the divisions of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management operating, stable, and current on numerous enterprise systems. SAITS works to provide guidance and support for the Division’s web presence, and strives to provide support for all forms of technology. View more

Staff that are Remarkable (S.T.A.R.)

A long-standing tradition, the S.T.A.R. Awards (Staff That Are Remarkable) program was established to recognize outstanding contributions, appreciate individuals for exceptional performance, and encourage innovation and creative thinking. S.T.A.R. Awards are given at an annual award ceremony that honors outstanding classified and academic staff members, and initiatives in the UWM Division of Student Affairs and UWM Division of Enrollment Management. The award categories and criteria are aligned with the visions of both divisions. View more

Student Affairs Assessment

In order to increase our understanding of the students we serve and improve our programs and services in support of their leaning and success, the UWM Division of Student Affairs has developed an ongoing assessment program and an assessment team to shepherd it. The team strives to develop relationships with units in an effort to share best practices, nurture a culture of assessment, and foster a commitment to data-driven practice. Past and ongoing assessments, their outcomes, and tools for assessing programs are available on the assessment website. View more

Student Affairs Strategic Planning Process

Seeing a disconnect between the existing values and goals in the Division, and renewed directions from campus leadership, the UWM Division of Student Affairs began a new process of self-reflection and re-alignment in 2017. Beginning with the establishment of 5 core strategic initiatives, drafted by a diverse committee from across the Division, the work has evolved into a defining of methods and priorities for implementation of action steps. Seeing these action steps as the building blocks of a new method for providing students an exceptional campus experience, while providing UWM’s administration a clearer view of our student profile, student success, and how to achieve in the continuously shifting world of modern Higher Education. View more