Beginning in the fall 2022 semester, UW-Milwaukee will offer an online MSW program for advanced-standing students (students with a BSW earned within the past five years). The online MSW program curriculum provides students with courses that highlight the unique strengths of the traditional MSW program at UW-Milwaukee, and will prepare students broadly for advanced social work practice in a variety of settings. The online MSW program curriculum additionally meets the base educational requirements for the LCSW credential in the State of Wisconsin.

Application deadlines for this program are the same as the traditional MSW program:

Applications open October 1, 2022.

Apply through the UW-Milwaukee Graduate School.

Traditional MSW ProgramOnline MSW Program
Tracks for both Advanced Standing and Professional Foundation StudentsOpen only to those with Advanced Standing (a bachelor's degree in Social Work earned within 5 years of starting the MSW)
Options for both full-time and part-time studentsOption for part-time students only (2 classes a semester)
Curriculum includes student choice in elective pathwayCurriculum offers same pathway to all online program students; courses listed below
Program length can vary2-year program (includes summers)
Majority of classes offered in-person with a few online course possibilitiesAll classes are online; Mostly asynchronous (majority completed on your own time; with some pre-scheduled, synchronous, virtual meetings for a few courses)
Field Placement (internship) integrated as appropriate to either a full-time or part-time scheduleDesigned with Field Placement in the second year of the program

The Courses taken by the online program MSW students will be:

  • SOC WRK 711 Direct Practice I
  • SOC WRK 712 Advanced Practice and Leadership in Communities and Organizations
  • SOC WRK 795 Evaluation of Practice and Programs
  • SOC WRK 851 Social Issues and Policy Analysis
  • SOC WRK 753 Psychopathology
  • SOC WRK 771 Development of Family Over the Lifespan
  • SOC WRK 774 Trauma Counseling I: Theory
  • SOC WRK 775 Trauma Counseling II: Treatment
  • SOC WRK 855 Practice Skills and Concepts for Aging and Health
  • 3 consecutive semesters of Field Placement in Year Two (SOC WRK 772, 821 and 822)
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