Traumatic events such as childhood abuse and neglect, intimate partner violence or neighborhood violence may cause a variety of problems that social workers and other professionals address on a daily basis.

This inter-disciplinary program trains graduate students from social work and other departments (e.g., counseling psychology, nursing, and occupational therapy).

Completion of this program results in a transcript designation of certificate completion for Trauma-Informed Care in the student’s profession. This signals to prospective employers and professional organizations an advanced level of training in Trauma-Informed Care.

  •  Current MSW students in good standing
  •  Those who have their MSW degree or related bachelor’s degree
  •  Applicants must meet with the certificate coordinator or other TIC advisor prior to completing 6 TIC certificate program credits. This meeting will help you prepare your online application through the graduate school website.
  • Certificate students in social work will complete 15 credits in coursework and fieldwork in trauma-informed care, 7 of which can count toward MSW graduation requirements while 8 must be taken above and beyond these required credits.
Required coursework
SocWrk 774 Trauma Counseling I: Theory 3 Fall, Spr
SocWrk 775 Trauma Counseling II: Practice 3 Fall, Spr
Fieldwork in trauma-informed practice settings (highly recommended)
SocWrk 721, 722, 821, 822 or 921 Field Placement 3 or 4 Fall, Spr, Sum
Potential elective coursework
SocWrk/Crm Jus 497 Study Abroad (Austria, England, or South Africa) 3 Sum
SocWrk 820 Violent & Traumatized Families 2 Fall, Spr, Sum
SocWrk 820 Motivational Interviewing 2 On Hold
SocWrk 753 Adult Psychopathology 3 Fall, Spr, Sum
SocWrk 754 Child & Adolescent Psychopathology 2 Spr
SocWrk 680 Death & Dying 2 or 3 Fall, Spr, Sum
SocWrk 691 Community Building and Mindfulness 2 or 3 Spr
SocWrk 818 Assessment and Treatment of the Co-Occurring Disorders 3 Fall, Spr
Psych 711 Functional Assessment & Interventions 3 On hold
Psych 711 Neurobiology of Learning and Memory 3 On hold
Psych 727 Cognitive Neuroscience 3 Fall, Spr
PH 752 Public Health and Mental Health 3 Fall
Couns 704 Multicultural Mental Health Guidelines & Ethics Overview* 3 Fall, Spr, Sum
Couns 705 Multicultural Practice: Awareness and Knowledge of Others* 3 Spr
Couns 715 Multicultural Counseling 3 Fall, Spr, Sum
Couns 744 Multicultural Mental Health Guidelines, Working with First Nations Persons 3 Spr
Couns 812 Clinical Studies in Counseling 3 Fall, Sum
Couns 816 Counseling Children & Adolescents 3 Spr, Sum
Couns 820 Counseling Appraisal & Decision-Making 2 Spr
Couns 904 Family Systems Theory, Research, and Practice 3 Spr, Sum

*Couns 704 and Couns 705 must be taken together to fulfill this requirement.

Student Resources
    • Gainful Employment
      Due to new federal financial aid regulations, beginning with the summer 2017 term, students who had not previously been awarded federal financial aid at UWM and are enrolled in a stand-alone certificate program will no longer be eligible for federal Title IV aid. Students in a stand-alone certificate who are seeking financial assistance maybe eligible for private loans. Private loans are not guaranteed as they are subject to lender approval including a credit check.
    • Below is a link to a tool that will help you learn what to look for when shopping for a private loan. At the end of the short tutorial, it will provide a comparison shopping tool allowing you to sort, filter, and compare up to five lenders at one time.
    • FastChoice
    • Upon applying for the loan of your choice and being approved, the UWM Financial Aid Office will be notified by the lender to provide enrollment information. At such time the loan will be added to your financial aid award.
    • For previously enrolled students who have been awarded federal financial aid, see the Gainful Employment Certificate Disclosure Information below.
    • Gainful Employment Certificate Disclosure Information