Timeline for Unit-Level Assessment

The assessment timeline for Student Affairs is based on the fiscal year for most units.* More detail can be found on the printable checklist for units.


  1. Assessment Coordinator submits annual assessment reflection for previous fiscal year no later than July 31*
  2. Prepare for Annual Assessment Check In
  3. Complete Annual Assessment Check In


  1. Assessment Coordinator completes the annual assessment plan draft by October 31*


  1. Assessment Committee provides feedback on the assessment plan using rubric
  2. The unit reviews the assessment committee’s feedback on the plan and makes any revisions
  3. Assessment Coordinator submits final assessment plan no later than December 31*


  1. Directors and Assessment Coordinators periodically review the annual assessment plan and note progress
  2. The Assessment Coordinator stores supporting evidence in the Student Affairs Assessment Teams folder (e.g., aggregated survey results, meeting minutes, notes, reports, handouts, etc.)
  3. The Assessment Coordinator stores any protected data in the SA Assessment folder (e.g., student-level data, raw data, evaluations, portfolios, student reflections, etc.)


  1. Directors and Assessment Coordinators draft the assessment reflection
  2. Directors and Assessment Coordinators attend Annual Assessment Coordinators and Directors Meeting

*Dates may vary for units that have external compliance deadlines and/or that operate on an annual cycle that is different from the fiscal year