Have a question? Need a resource? The Assessment Team is here to help! The tools and guides on this website are just a snapshot of the resources available to you and your department. If you cannot find it here please contact us.

Campus Lab Training Webinars
UWM uses Campus Labs as our assessment platform. In addition to their support with creating survey tools, they also provide free webinars and can tailor training opportunities for your staff team. Once you have set up access by emailing the Assessment Team, you can log in using your ePantherID and Password.

Educational Advisory Board
UWM is a member of this fantastic resource and treasure trove of research and analysis available to faculty and staff for free. Have a question that you would like them to research and develop a comprehensive report, just ask. Log in using your ePantherID and Password.

Institutional Review Board

UW System Office of Policy Analysis and Research

Surveys Tools

  • Inventory of Surveys
  • Writing good surveys
  • Question types
    • StudentVoice provides stellar examples of different types of questions (e.g., open-ended vs. set answer list; dichotomous vs. ranges/scales; check all that apply vs. limited selection) and illustrates how the data provided by each can be very different.
  • Demographic questions
    • There are many ways to ask demographic questions so we have compiled the preferred response options for assessments within Student Affairs at UWM to provide consistency and comparability across the division.
  • Scale responses
    • Different survey questions require different types of responses. The Likert-type scale response handout can provide more precise ways for respondents to answer your questions.
  • Sample Calculator
    • How many survey respondents do you need? How many people do you need to send survey to? How accurate are your survey results? A sample calculator can help you determine all of these numbers.
  • Sample recruitment emails
    • Want to ensure that students actually READ your recruitment email? Check out the sample initial and reminder emails that also contain helpful recruitment email-writing tips.

Focus groups

  • Focus Group Consent Form
    • A critical aspect of a focus group is receiving proper consent and discussing confidentiality which this example outlines.
  • Sample Script
    • An example script illustrating how to give an overview of a focus group as well as opening, transition, key, and follow-up questions.
  • Article on Focus Groups
    • A resource on how to develop, prepare for, facilitate, and analyze data from focus groups.

Analyzing Data

Technology Tools for Educational Research

  • A very useful compilation of tools technology tools compiled by Gavin Henning.


  • Tailor the communication of your assessment results to your audience – this matrix suggests a variety of reporting methods and products appropriate for a variety of purposes.