ITIP2 Students Participate in Mobility Technology Day

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On April 21st, 2021, UWM occupational therapy (OT) students took part in Mobility Technology Day. National Seating Mobility, a mobility technology supplier, brought in equipment such as powered wheelchairs for master’s students to test and gain hands-on exposure to broaden their knowledge of mobility equipment available on the market.  

 Although the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted most of the MSOT courses to a virtual format, it was important that this event  was held in-person to allow students an opportunity to test the equipment. Mobility Technology Day gave students time to gain familiarity with the devices and educate themselves on how to find the best patient/equipment fit that can meet patients’ occupational needs. The event was organized in part by the program director for the Assistive Technology and Accessible Design certificate offered at UWM, Professor Michelle Silverman.  

Mobility Technology Day takes place as part of the ITIP2 program at UWM. The ITIP2 program was designed to create a curriculum that includes interdisciplinary coursework and education for preprofessional students in allied health fields. Any field of health that provides patient-centered interventions would benefit from earlier comprehensive education on assistive technology. 

UWM is the third university to have a national accredited assistive technology program which incorporates learning about technological advancement and innovation as it pertains to occupational therapy. 

Check out Dr. Roger Smith being interviewed on CBS 58 about the ITIP2 Program: