ARB Continues to Build its Suite with AccessPlace and AccessTools

The AccessRatings for Buildings project consists of two primary projects: AccessPlace and AccessTools. As the project continues to evolve from its initial conception, the newest development is the creation of two exciting applications for the project.  

The AccessPlace application relies aims to create a public accessibility database based on consumer feedback that enables individuals with disabilities to post personalized accessibility reviews of community buildings. Accessibility information for public spaces is a vital and underrepresented need for individuals with disabilities, who benefit from having the opportunity to plan and locate which aspects of their community meet their needs. AccessPlace is available for public use at and allows the user to create their own ‘Ability Profile’, which helps site accessors understand building ratings from the perspective of individualized accessibility needs.  

The AccessTools application is a more detailed rating system that allows trained raters to thoroughly assess the accessibility of a building and input sound, slope and dimension measurements collected using the MiniTools apps. AccessTools can be used to answer comprehensive questions about the accessibility of various building aspects, including the main entrance, indoor routes, bathrooms and more. AccessTools is currently being tested and prepared for launch in the Apple App Store, with the MiniTools apps already available for download. 

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