I am a high school student or a student at another institution of higher education, and I would like to come to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Zilber College of Public Health. What do I need to do?

Your first step is to carefully review the UWM Admissions website. There you will find all the information prospective students need. If you would like to make arrangements for you or your family to come to campus, UWM Admissions can connect you to the Campus Visitor’s Center, which will provide information on regularly scheduled programs for prospective students.

If, in addition to the Visitor’s Center program, you would like to meet with an academic advisor, please contact Kinesiology advisor John Huegel at jhuegel@uwm.edu to schedule an appointment. Note that there are particular times during the academic year when advisors are unavailable to prospective students due to commitments with current students.

I am already a UWM student and would like to pursue Kinesiology as my undergraduate major. What do I need to do?

First, explore the program web page to learn more about the program and requirements of the curriculum. Second, schedule an appointment with Kinesiology advisor John Huegel, jhuegel@uwm.edu.

What kind of job can I get with a degree in Kinesiology?

Please refer to the Career Opportunities in Kinesiology document (PDF). Additional options are made available by the American Kinesiology Association. You may also consult with your advisor to discuss career options.

What types of classes would I take in Kinesiology?

You may find course descriptions for Kinesiology courses in the UWM Academic Catalog.

Do I need to set up an appointment to meet with an academic advisor?

Yes. You are encouraged to meet with your advisor every semester you are enrolled.

I want to take a class over the summer at a different institution. How can I make sure it will transfer to UWM to fulfill a requirement? Where do I send my transcripts once the course(s) is completed?
I need CPR and/or First Aid certification. Whom should I contact?

Many organizations offer certification, including University Recreation.

I am interested in scholarships offered in the Zilber College of Public Health. Where do I start?

Visit our Scholarships page.

How do I find out more about the UWM Honors College and incorporating honors coursework into my Kinesiology major?

You should contact an advisor in the UWM Honors College.

Torry Rufer, MS
Senior Academic Advisor

John F Holland, MS, CSCS
BS Kinesiology Program Director