April 2015 Update


Luke Jenkins & Deborah Hannula (2015). Representational similarity predicts gist-based false recognition in a DRM paradigm. Poster presented at the Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Neuroscience Society. San Franciso, CA. / *both authors are UWM-affiliated

Deborah Hannula gave an interview describing her NSF-funded research project that addresses questions about memory-attention interactions. The interview aired on Lake Effect, a Milwaukee-area NPR production, and can be heard here: http://wuwm.com/post/strengthening-connection-between-memory-and-attention-span

Frick, K.M. (February, 2015). This is your brain on estrogen: How estrogen affects learning and memory. American Association of University Women, Racine Chapter.

Larson, C.L., deRoon-Cassini, T., Taubitz, L.E., & Belleau, E.L. Neural markers of emotion dysregulation in acute trauma survivors predict chronic PTSD. Talk presented at the annual meeting of the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, April 9-12, 2015, Miami, FL. All authors except deRoon-Cassini are UWM-affiliated.

Qualls*, W., Wandrey**, R., Zander*, R., & Mosack, K. (2015, May). Generativity among lesbian-identified breast cancer survivors in an online support forum. Poster to be presented at the Association for Psychological Science annual convention, New York.

Gracian**, E.I., Austiff*, M.B., Billig**, A.K., Wandrey**, R.L., de St. Aubin, E., & Mosack, K.E. (2015, May). Big personality traits, religiosity, and conservative beliefs are not uniformly related to negative attitudes about gay men in two samples from a mid-size Midwestern city. Poster to be presented at the Association for Psychological Science Convention, New York, NY.

Lewis*, C.B., & Mosack, K.E. (2015, April). African American emerging adults’ experiences with mental health care. Poster to be presented at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research, Cheney, Washington. *Undergraduate students in Dr. Mosack’s Patient Advocacy and Research Lab **Doctoral students in Dr. Mosack’s lab.

Ciera Lewis accepted an offer to attend the clinical/community psychology doctoral program at Georgia State University.

Matthew Austiff presented his work, entitled, “Social Support Systems and Managing HIV/AIDS: A content analysis of the support processes utilized within seroconcordant dyads” at the UW System Symposium for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity (April, 2015).

Rachael Wandrey defended her thesis (April, 2015) entitled, “I know I can’t be the only lesbian out there:” An inductive thematic analysis of a virtual community of lesbian breast cancer survivors.

Angela Wendorf (Ph.D. in clinical and health psychology, 2013) has accepted a position as Health Psychologist in the Transplant Division at UMass Memorial Medical Center.


Benoit, J.D., Rakic, P., and Frick, K.M*. (2015). Prenatal stress induces spatial memory deficits and epigenetic changes in the hippocampus indicative of heterochromatin formation and reduced gene expression. Behavioural Brain Research, 281, 1-8.

Tuscher, J.J.*, Kim, J.*, Fortress, A.M.*, and Frick, K.M.* (2015). Regulation of object recognition and object placement by ovarian sex steroid hormones. Behavioural Brain Research, 285, 140-157.

Frick, K.M.* What’s your name again? (2015). Effects of estrogens, cognitive stimulation, and exercise on age-related memory loss. F&M Scientist, Winter 2015, 27-53.

Frick, K.M.* and Fortress, A.M.* (2015). Pharmacological manipulation of learning and memory. In: The Maze Book: Theories, Practice, and Protocols for Testing Rodent Cognition, Bimonte-Nelson, H (Ed). Heidelberg, Germany: Springer. pp. 165-210. *UWM-affiliated

Becker, K. A., Billig*, A. K., & Mosack, K.E. (Oct 24, 2014 Epub ahead of print). Spirituality, religion, and health: The role of communication, appraisals, and coping process for individuals living with chronic illness. Journal of Religion and Health. doi: 10.1007/s10943-014-9965-5. *Current doctoral student in experimental and social psychology.