Entrepreneurial Coaching

We typically provide a thorough amount of coaching and guidance through knowing what questions to ask. For example, we challenge our clients on day 1 to ensure that our services will be a return on their investment:

  • What competition do you have?
  • Who will your first customer be?
  • What patents exist in this space?
  • What are the regulatory requirements that are required?
  • How can you be certain you can monetize on this product or service?

If the answers to these questions are forthcoming, then we will be happy to proceed. If there is a high degree of uncertainty, we would rather first connect our clients with resources to answer these questions to ensure what we do provides value along their process to commercialization.

We have numerous connections to mentors, advisors, and formal support networks to guide you.  Some of those resources can be found listed here on our website. We also have first-hand experience in doing this ourselves to provide sound advice as to how to proceed.