The UWM Prototyping Center is a fully-equipped machine shop located at the UWM Innovation Campus in Wauwatosa, WI.  We provide product development, prototype creation, and fabrication services for businesses, researchers, and entrepreneurs from the Greater Milwaukee Area and abroad.

Let us serve as the bridge between your ideas and your product!

Whether you need 1 or 100 of something, The UWM Prototyping Center can fabricate just about anything you can think up, right here onsite. Whether it’s a brand new idea in your head or a fully dimensioned CAD model, we can get started.

Through research, design engineering, prototyping, 3D printing, and production runs, we can support the development activities you need to turn your ideas into reality. Our variety of CNC machining centers, 3D printer, and reverse engineering scanner allow us to quickly move from concepts, to CAD models, to actual parts- and subsequent iterations – quickly!  We have demonstrated capabilities to be a one-stop-shop to develop systems of products ranging from arthroscopic surgical tooling and implants, to closet organizers, to scientific instrumentation, and many more.

The majority of our work comes from our local communities in the Greater Milwaukee Area!

Located in Wauwatosa, we are proud to regularly support entrepreneurs, startups, universities, and successful businesses in need of overflow from across the Greater Milwaukee Area. In addition, we have also had research published across the USA and Europe, collaborated with clients in the Rocky Mountains and as far as the Pacific Coast, and even have some of our equipment working hard in Antarctica!  Our doors are open to anyone seeking services in the form of guidance, design, or fabrication.

Let’s start the discussion of how we can support you!