Enrollment Appointments

An Enrollment Appointment is the first day and time that you’re able to enroll in classes for the next term.

All active students, except new freshmen, are assigned an Enrollment Appointment.  Your Enrollment Appointment date and time will appear in your PAWS account roughly one week before enrollment begins. Look in your PAWS Student Center under Enrollment Dates.  

New transfer students will receive an Enrollment Appointment once their transfer work posts to their PAWS account. New Freshmen enroll either during New Student Orientation or with their Academic Advisor and do not receive an Enrollment Appointment.

Enrollment Appointments are scheduled in the following order as established by UWM Faculty Policy.  Military Service students receive priority through Wisconsin Act 56 (2013).

Students from the following groups enroll in the first enrollment appointment time slot, regardless of career or academic level:

  • Honors College
  • NCAA (including Dance/Cheer Team)
  • Military Service (including ROTC)
  • Select Accessibility Resource Center students

Following the priority groups listed above, the enrollment appointments as assigned by career (graduate vs. undergraduate) and academic level within the career.

Graduate Students:

  1. Graduate Dissertator & Prelim students
  2. Degree-Seeking Graduate students
  3. Non-Degree Graduate students

Undergraduate Students:

  1. Degree-Seeking Seniors
  2. Degree-Seeking Juniors
  3. Degree-Seeking Sophomores
  4. Degree-Seeking Freshmen
  5. Non-Degree Undergraduate students (including Post-Baccalaureate & Certificate)
  6. 60+ Auditor students (eligible to enroll the first day of classes)

If you are unsure of your class standing, a chart of class standings by credit totals and schools and colleges is available under “Enrollment Polices” on the One Stop website.

Once the “open enrollment” date is reached for a term, an enrollment appointment is no longer needed to enroll and will not be assigned.  The open enrollment dates for each term are listed on the corresponding important dates calendar.

For Winterim 2022, priority enrollment starts on Monday, October 18th and continues through Friday, October 22nd. Enrollment appointments will be assigned and visible to you in your PAWS account on October 11th.

Monday, October 18th at 8:00am

Veterans and Services Members

ROTC students

Honors College – seniors

NCAA student-athletes

Dance Team

Cheer Team

Select students per the Accessibility Resource Center

Graduate students in the above priority groups

Monday, October 18th at 8:15am Honors college – juniors, sophomores, and freshmen
Monday, October 18th at 9:00am Graduate Students
Tuesday, October 19th Senior Degree-Seeking Undergraduates
Wednesday, October 20th Junior Degree-Seeking Undergraduates
Thursday, October 21st Sophomore Degree-Seeking Undergraduates
Friday, October 22nd Freshmen Degree-Seeking Undergraduates (Continuing Freshmen only)
Friday, Oct 22nd  at 3:30pm Non-Degree Undergraduates
Saturday, Oct 23rd Open Enrollment Starts