What is a sublease, and do I need permission from my landlord to sublease my room or entire unit?

Many student-tenants seek subleases when their circumstances prevent them from continuing with their lease. Some examples of this include:

  • Studying abroad
  • Financial concerns/inability to pay rent
  • No longer attending the University
  • Roommate concerns that cause you to move.

In these circumstances, tenants can seek someone to take over their lease. Landlords must approve any sublease and will require the new tenant to sign an agreement between the subleasing tenant and the landlord. This is something you should talk to your landlord about BEFORE you sign a lease, even if you are not sure you are going to be subleasing.  If your landlord will not help you write a sub-lease agreement you can contact the University Legal Clinic for help.

Check out our sublease tab on our listing service. Once you sign in with your ePanther ID and password, you will be able to view all subleases as well as create your own after you get permission from your landlord!