Are there any prohibited or illegal provisions a landlord is not supposed to include in the lease?

Landlords may not have Lease provisions which allow for “self-help” evictions, accelerate the rent remaining on the lease in the event of default, require tenants to pay the landlord’s attorney fees, confess judgment against the tenant, limit the landlord’s liability to the tenant for negligent acts of the landlord, impose liability on the tenant for damages beyond their control, and waive the landlord’s duty to provide habitable housing to the tenant. ATCP 134.08 Leases which contain any of these provisions may be unenforceable against the tenant.  Landlords cannot charge for routine carpet cleaning.  There are  many  provisions that can make a lease void and unenforceable which is why it is so crucial to have the University Legal Clinic perform a free lease review for you before you sign anything.