Helpful Garbage and Recycling Tips

Learning the garbage and recycling rules and regulations as a tenant can be difficult, but don’t worry, the Neighborhood housing Office is here to help! Read below to learn about garbage and recycling FYI’s, guidelines, and things to make your life a little easier…. Read More

What is a sublease, and do I need permission from my landlord to sublease my room or entire unit?

Many student-tenants seek subleases when their circumstances prevent them from continuing with their lease. Some examples of this include: Studying abroad Financial concerns/inability to pay rent No longer attending the University Roommate concerns that cause you to move. In these… Read More

I just attended a showing and the landlord told me there are several people looking at the apartment and they expect the apartment to go fast. The landlord recommended we sign the lease right then and there. Should I sign the lease quickly to ensure I get the apartment first?

Never feel pressured to sign something right then and there. If you encounter a landlord that is pressuring you into signing something quickly, walk away! Landlords who pressure you are likely trying to prevent you from noticing something and carefully… Read More