NAACP Youth Council Meeting with James Groppi. Courtesy Wisconsin Historical Society

NAACP Youth Council meeting with James Groppi. Courtesy Wisconsin Historical Society. Image ID: 53596

Meetings usually served as a space where civil rights activists or organizations could gather to discuss issues or strategize for protests. During the Civil Rights Movement, various activists would meet and pitch different ideas and suggestions as well as openly comment and voice their recommendations. It was imperative that they have meetings often so that they could stay united and current with the movement’s agenda. During the open housing marches, the Milwaukee NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) Youth Council held pre- and post-march meetings and rallies in the basement of St. Boniface Church. The Commandos would also have meetings amongst themselves where they would map out the routes of marches and discuss the protection of marchers. Although the Milwaukee NAACP Youth Council was given free reign in strategizing, its advisor, Father Groppi, would often assert his opinion and help make decisions. EM