Special Collections at UWM Libraries

Past Readings

AuthorTitleNationality and GenderEraFormatNon-Fiction, by Subject
Abbott, Edwin A. FlatlandEuropean19th CenturyNovels
Achebe, Chinua Marriage is a Private AffairNon-Western1900-1945Short Stories
Achebe, Chinua Dead Men's PathNon-Western1900-1945Short Stories
AeschylusAgamemnonWesternAncient (pre-450AD)Plays
AeschylusLibation BearersWesternAncient (pre-450AD)Plays
Akutagawa, RyūnosukeRashōmonNon-Western1900-1945Short Stories
Akutagawa, RyūnosukeIn a GroveNon-Western1900-1945Short Stories
Alcott, Louisa May Transcendental Wild OatsAmerican, Women19th CenturyShort Stories
Alighieri, DanteParadiso, Cantos 25-27EuropeanMedieval (450-1400)Poetry
Alighieri, DantePurgatorio, Cantos 8-9EuropeanMedieval (450-1400)Poetry
Alighieri, Dante Inferno, Cantos 1-5EuropeanMedieval (450-1400)Poetry
Anderson, SherwoodThe EggAmerican1900-1945Short Stories
AristopahnesLysistrataEuropeanAncient (to 450 AD)Plays
AristophanesLysistrataEuropeanAncient (to 450 AD)Plays
Arnold, Matthew Dover BeachEuropean19th CenturyPoetry
Arnold, Matthew MoralityEuropean19th CenturyPoetry
Arnold, Matthew The Buried LifeEuropean19th CenturyPoetry
Ashbery, JohnThe Fear of DeathAmericanPost 1945Poetry
Ashbery, JohnMyrtleAmericanPost 1945Poetry
Ashbery, JohnThe Problem of AnxietyAmericanPost 1945Poetry
Auden, W. H.In Praise of LimestoneEuropean/AmericanPost 1945Poetry
Auden, W. H.The Fall of RomeEuropean/AmericanPost 1945Poetry
Augustine of HippoAmbrose and the Confession of AugustineEuropeanAncient (to 450 AD)DocumentsMemoir, Non-Fiction
Aurelius, Marcus The Meditations, Books One-ThreeEuropeanAncient (to 450 AD)Essays and SpeechesPhilosophy, Non-Fiction
Austen, JaneLady SusanEuropean/American, Women1650-1799Novellas
Bacon, FrancisFirst Ten "Essays"EuropeanEarly Modern (1400-1650)Essays and SpeechesPhilosophy, Non-Fiction
Baldwin, JamesSonny's BluesAmerican, African AmericanPost 1945Short Stories
Balzac, Honoré deLe Grande BretècheEuropean19th CenturyShort Stories
Balzac, Honoré deThe Atheist's MassEuropean19th CenturyShort Stories
Balzac, Honoré deThe Red InnEuropean19th CenturyShort Stories
Barnes, DjunaA Night Among the HorsesAmerican1900-1945Short Stories
Barnes, DjunaHow it Feels to Be Forcibly FedAmerican1900-1945Essays and SpeechesNon-Fiction
Barth, KarlIs Man Immortal?EuropeanPost 1945Essays and SpeechesReligion, Non-Fiction
Benjamin, WalterThe Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical ReproductionEuropean1900-1945Essays and SpeechesPhilosophy, Non-Fiction
Berkeley, GeorgeA Treatise Concerning the Principles of Human Knowledge, Sections 1-33European1650-1799Essays and SpeechesPhilosophy, Non-Fiction
BibleEcclesiastesNon-WesternAncient (to 450 AD)DocumentsReligion, Non-Fiction
BibleGenesis 11.26-35.29,The Abraham--Isaac--Jacob CyclesNon-WesternAncient (to 450 AD)DocumentsReligion, Non-Fiction
BibleGenesis 37-50,The Joseph CycleNon-WesternAncient (to 450 AD)DocumentsReligion, Non-Fiction
BibleJobNon-WesternAncient (to 450 AD)DocumentsReligion, Non-Fiction
BibleJonahNon-WesternAncient (to 450 AD)DocumentsReligion, Non-Fiction
BibleThe Epistle of Paul to the GalatiansNon-WesternAncient (to 450 AD)DocumentsReligion, Non-Fiction
BibleLamentationsNon-WesternAncient (to 450 AD)DocumentsReligion, Non-Fiction
BibleThe Last Days of Jesus as described in the four canonical gospelsNon-WesternAncient (to 450 AD)DocumentsReligion, Non-Fiction
Bibleand the so-called Gospel of PeterNon-WesternAncient (to 450 AD)DocumentsReligion, Non-Fiction
BibleGenesis 1-11, Creation to the Descendants of ShemNon-WesternAncient (to 450 AD)DocumentsReligion, Non-Fiction
BibleSong of SongsNon-WesternAncient (to 450 AD)DocumentsReligion, Non-Fiction
BibleThe Epistle of JamesNon-WesternAncient (to 450 AD)DocumentsReligion, Non-Fiction
BibleEstherNon-WesternAncient (to 450 AD)DocumentsReligion, Non-Fiction
BibleExodus (Selections)Non-WesternAncient (to 450 AD)DocumentsReligion, Non-Fiction
BibleJudges, chapters 2-15Non-WesternAncient (to 450 AD)DocumentsReligion, Non-Fiction
BibleSermon on the Mount, Matthew 5-7Non-WesternAncient (to 450 AD)DocumentsReligion, Non-Fiction
Blake, WilliamSongs of ExperienceEuropean1650-1799Poetry
Boccaccio, GiovanniThe Decameron, Introduction and Day One EuropeanMedieval (450-1400)Novellas
Bohr, NielsAtoms and Human Knowledge, address to the Royal Danish Academy of SciencesEuropeanPost 1945Essays and SpeechesScience, Non-Fiction
Böll, HeinrichChristmas Every DayEuropeanPost 1945Short Stories
Borge, Jorge LuisBook of SandLatin AmericanPost 1945Short Stories
Borges, Jorge LuisTlön, Uqbar, Orbis TertiusLatin American1900-1945Short Stories
Borges, Jorge LuisThe Garden of Forking PathsLatin American1900-1945Short Stories
Borges, Jorge LuisThe Circular RuinsLatin American1900-1945Short Stories
Borges, Jorge LuisThe Lottery in BabylonLatin American1900-1945Short Stories
Borges, Jorge LuisThe AlephLatin American1900-1945Short Stories
Borges, Jorge LuisPierre Menard, Author of the QuixoteLatin American1900-1945Short Stories
Borges, Jorge LuisThe ZahirLatin AmericanPost 1945Short Stories
Borges, Jorge LuisThe Library of BabelLatin American1900-1945Short Stories
Borges, Jorge LuisThe Golem/El GolemLatin AmericanPost 1945Poetry
Borges, Jorge LuisDeath and the CompassLatin American1900-1945Short Stories
Borges, Jorge LuisThe Sect of the PhoenixLatin AmericanPost 1945Short Stories
Borges, Jorge LuisThe SouthLatin AmericanPost 1945Short Stories
Brooks, GwendolynNegro HeroAmerican, African American, WomenPost 1945Poetry
Brooks, GwendolynFirst Fight, Then FiddleAmerican, African American, WomenPost 1945Poetry
Burns, RobertGreen Grow The Rashes, OEuropean1650-1799Poetry
Burns, RobertTo a MouseEuropean1650-1799Poetry
Burns, RobertIs There for Honest Poverty,( A Man's a Man for a' That)European1650-1799Poetry
Burns, RobertA Red, Red RoseEuropean1650-1799Poetry
Burns, RobertComin Thro The RyeEuropean1650-1799Poetry
Calderon de la Barca, PedroLife is a DreamEuropeanEarly Modern (1400-1650)Plays
Carr, MarinaBy the Bog of Cats (a 1998 retelling of Euripides's Medea)EuropeanPost 1945Plays
Cather, WillaA Wagner MatineeAmerican1900-1945Short Stories
Cather, WillaPaul's CaseAmerican1900-1945Short Stories
Cervantes, Miguel deThe Tale of the Ill-Advised Curiosity, Chapters 33-35 from Don QuixoteEuropeanEarly Modern (1400-1650)Novels
Chaucer, GeoffreyThe Wife of Bath's TaleEuropeanMedieval (450-1400)Poetry
Chaucer, GeoffreyThe Pardoner's TaleEuropeanMedieval (450-1400)Poetry
Cheever, JohnThe Five-Forty-EightAmericanPost 1945Short Stories
Cheever, JohnThe SwimmerAmericanPost 1945Short Stories
Cheever, JohnThe Enormous RadioAmericanPost 1945Short Stories
Chekhov, AntonThe SeagullEuropean19th CenturyPlays
Chekov, AntonThree SistersEuropean1900-1945Plays
Chopin, KateAt the 'Cadian BallAmerican, Women19th CenturyShort Stories
Chopin, KateThe Story of an HourAmerican, Women19th CenturyShort Stories
Chopin, KateThe StormAmerican, Women19th CenturyShort Stories
Collins, WilkieThe Ghost in the Cupboard RoomEuropean19th CenturyShort Stories
Collins, Wilkie (with Charles Dickens, Elizabeth Gaskell, and Adelaide Anne Procter)House to LetEuropean19th CenturyShort Stories
Conrad, JosephThe Heart of DarknessEuropean19th CenturyNovella
Copernicus, NicholasFirst nine chapters of On the RevolutionsEuropeanEarly Modern (1400-1650)Essays and SpeechesScience, Non-Fiction
Coward, Noel Hay FeverEuropean1900-1945Plays
Crane, HartTo Brooklyn BridgeAmerican1900-1945Poetry
Crane, StephenIn the DesertAmerican19th CenturyPoetry
Crane, StephenI Explain the Silvered Passing of a Ship at NightAmerican19th CenturyPoetry
cummings, e. e.O sweet spontaneousAmerican1900-1945Poetry
cummings, e. e.the Cambridge ladies who live in furnished soulsAmerican1900-1945Poetry
Darwin, CharlesAn Historical SketchEuropean19th CenturyEssays and SpeechesScience, Non-Fiction
Darwin, CharlesChapter VII: Miscellaneous ObjectionsEuropean19th CenturyEssays and SpeechesScience, Non-Fiction
Darwin, Charlesto the Theory of Natural SelectionEuropean19th CenturyEssays and SpeechesScience, Non-Fiction
Darwin, CharlesSummary from Chapter XIEuropean19th CenturyEssays and SpeechesScience, Non-Fiction
Darwin, CharlesChapter XV: Recapitulation and ConclusionEuropean19th CenturyEssays and SpeechesScience, Non-Fiction
Darwin, CharlesChapter VI: Difficulties of the TheoryEuropean19th CenturyEssays and SpeechesScience, Non-Fiction
Darwin, CharlesIntroductionEuropean19th CenturyEssays and SpeechesScience, Non-Fiction
Darwin, CharlesSelections from The Origin of SpeciesEuropean19th CenturyEssays and SpeechesScience, Non-Fiction
Declaration of IndependenceAmerican1650-1799DocumentsPolitics, Non-Fiction
Descartes, ReneMeditation 2EuropeanEarly Modern (1400-1650)Essays and SpeechesPhilosophy, Non-Fiction
Dhammapada(Sayings of the Buddha)Non-WesternAncient (to 450 AD)Documents
Dickens, CharlesThe Lawyer and the GhostEuropean19th CenturyShort Stories
Dickens, CharlesA Trial for MurderEuropean19th CenturyShort Stories
Dickens, CharlesThe Signal-ManEuropean19th CenturyShort Stories
Dirksen, Everett M. Congressional speech to end the Senate filibuster on the Civil Rights bill, June 10, 1964AmericanPost 1945Essays and SpeechesPolitics, Non-Fiction
Donne, JohnThe FleaEuropeanEarly Modern (1400-1650)Poetry
Donne, JohnDeath Be Not Proud (Holy Sonnet X)EuropeanEarly Modern (1400-1650)Poetry
Donne, JohnThe CanonizationEuropeanEarly Modern (1400-1650)Poetry
Dostoevsky, FyodorThe Life and Sayings of the Elder ZosimaEuropean19th CenturyShort Stories
Dostoevsky, FyodorThe Grand InquisitorEuropean19th CenturyShort Stories
Dostoevsky, FyodorThe CrocodileEuropean19th CenturyShort Stories
Douglass, FrederickMay 11, 1857 Speech on the Dred Scott DecisionEuropean19th CenturyEssays and SpeechesPolitics, Non-Fiction
Du Bois, W. E. B. Selected Chapters from The Souls of Black FolkAmerican, African American1900-1945Essays and Speeches
Einstein, AlbertForeword to Galileo's Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World SystemsEuropeanPost 1945Essays and SpeechesScience, Non-Fiction
Einstein, Albert, Poldosky, Boris, and Rosen, Nathan EPR Paradox: "Can quantum-mechanical description of physical reality be considered complete?"European1900-1945Essays and SpeechesScience, Non-Fiction
Eliot, T.S.Love Song of J. Alfred PrufrockEuropean1900-1945Poetry
Eliot, T.S.The Hollow MenEuropean1900-1945Poetry
Ellison, RalphFlying HomeAmerican, African American1900-1945Short Stories
Ellison, RalphIn a Strange CountryAmerican, African American1900-1945Short Stories
Emerson, Ralph WaldoThe TranscendentalistAmerican19th CenturyEssays and SpeechesPhilosophy, Non-Fiction
Emerson, Ralph WaldoThe Lord's SupperAmerican19th CenturyEssays and SpeechesReligion, Non-Fiction
Emerson, Ralph WaldoSelf-RelianceAmerican19th CenturyEssays and SpeechesPhilosophy, Non-Fiction
Emerson, Ralph WaldoThe Over-SoulAmerican19th CenturyEssays and SpeechesPhilosophy, Non-Fiction
EpictetusEnchiridionEuropeanAncient (to 450 AD)Essays and SpeechesPhilosophy, Non-Fiction
Erasmus, DesideriusA Pilgrimage for the Sake of ReligionEuropeanEarly Modern (1400-1650)ColloquiesPhilosophy, Religion
EuripidesMediaEuropeanAncient (to 450 AD)Plays
EuripidesBacchaeEuropeanAncient (to 450 AD)Plays
EuripidesTrojan WomenEuropeanAncient (to 450 AD)Plays
Faulkner, JamesBarn BurningAmerican1900-1945Short Stories
Faulkner, JamesA Rose for EmilyAmerican1900-1945Short Stories
Ferber, EdnaThe Maternal FeminineAmerican, Women1900-1945Short Stories
Ferber, EdnaThe Woman Who Tried to be GoodAmerican, Women1900-1945Short Stories
Flaubert, GustaveA Simple HeartEuropean19th CenturyShort Stories
Flaubert, GustaveDance of DeathEuropean19th CenturyShort Stories
Forster, E. M. The Machine StopsEuropean1900-1945Short Stories
Freud, SigmundThe Origin and Development of PsychoanalysisEuropean1900-1945Documents
Friel, BrianTranslationsEuropean, IrishPost-1945Plays
Frost, RobertMending WallAmericanPost 1945Poetry
Frost, RobertThe Road Not TakenAmericanPost 1945Poetry
Frost, RobertDesert PlacesAmericanPost 1945Poetry
Gale, ZonaThe CobwebAmerican, Women1900-1945Short Stories
Galilei, GalileoDialogue Concerning the Two Chief World SystemsEuropeanEarly Modern (1400-1650)Essays and SpeechesScience, Non-Fiction
Garcia Lorca, FedericoBlood WeddingEuropean1900-1945Plays
Gilman, Charlotte PerkinsThe Yellow WallpaperAmerican, Women19th CenturyShort Stories
Ginsberg, Allen HowlAmericanPost 1945Poetry
Glasgow, EllenThe Shadowy ThirdAmerican1900-1945Short Stories
Glasgow, EllenA Point in MoralsAmerican19th CenturyShort Stories
Glasgow, EllenThe Shadowy ThirdAmerican, Women1900-1945Short Stories
Glasgow, EllenA Point in MoralsAmerican, Women19th CenturyShort Stories
Glaspell, SusanA Jury of Her PeersAmerican, Women1900-1945Short Stories
Gogol, NikolaiThe NoseEuropean19th CenturyShort Stories
Goldman, AlvinA Causal Theory of KnowingAmericanPost 1945Essays and SpeechesPhilosophy, Non-Fiction
Gooch, SteveFemale TransportEuropeanPost 1945Plays
Gordimer, NadineThe DefeatedNon-Western, Women1900-1945Short Stories
Greene, GrahamThe DestructorsEuropeanPost 1945Short Stories
Guirgis, Stephen AdlyThe Last Days of JudasAmericanPost 1945Plays
Gurney, A. R.What I Did Last SummerAmericanPost 1945Plays
Hafez (Hafiz)If it is not too darkNon-WesternMedieval (450-1400)Poetry
Hafez (Hafiz)Saints bowing in the mountainsNon-WesternMedieval (450-1400)Poetry
Hafez (Hafiz)And ApplaudNon-WesternMedieval (450-1400)Poetry
Hafez (Hafiz)My sweet, crushed angelNon-WesternMedieval (450-1400)Poetry
Hafez (Hafiz)I know the way you can getNon-WesternMedieval (450-1400)Poetry
Hampton, ChristopherLes liaisons dangereuses [Dangerous Liaisons] (1985 stage adaptation of the 1972 epistolary novel by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos)EuropeanPost 1945Plays
Hawthorne, NathanielRappacini's DaughterAmerican19th CenturyShort Stories
Hawthorne, NathanielThe Great Stone FaceAmerican19th CenturyShort Stories
Hawthorne, NathanielPeter Goldthwaite's TreasureAmerican19th CenturyShort Stories
Hawthorne, NathanielEthan BrandAmerican19th CenturyShort Stories
Hawthorne, NathanielYoung Goodman BrownAmerican19th CenturyShort Stories
Heaney, SeamusThe Cure at TroyEuropeanPost 1945Plays
Heidegger, MartinWhat Calls for ThinkingEuropeanPost 1945Essays and SpeechesPhilosophy
Heisenberg, WernerRemarks on the Origin of the Relations of UncertaintyEuropeanPost 1945Essays and SpeechesScience, Non-Fiction
Hellman, LillianLittle FoxesAmerican, Women1900-1945Plays
Hellman, LillianThe Children's HourAmerican1900-1945Plays
Heloise and AbelardLetters 1-7European, WomenMedieval (450-1400)DocumentsPhilosophy, Non-Fiction
Hemingway, ErnestThe Snows of KilimanjaroAmerican 1900-1945Short Stories
Hemingway, ErnestA Clean, Well-lighted PlaceAmerican1900-1945Poetry
Hemingway, ErnestThe Short Happy Life of Francis MacomberAmerican1900-1945Short Stories
Hemingway, ErnestThe Doctor and the Doctor's WifeAmerican1900-1945Short Stories
Hemingway, ErnestThe KillersAmerican1900-1945Short Stories
Hemingway, ErnestFathers and SonsAmerican1900-1945Short Stories
HerodotusTales from Herodotus including Solon and Croesus, The Rise of Cyrus, and Rhampsinitis and the ThiefEuropeanAncient (to 450 AD)Essays and SpeechesHistory, Non-Fiction
HerodotusBattle of Thermopylae, History, Book 7, sections 198 thru 239EuropeanAncient (to 450 AD)Essays and SpeechesHistory, Non-Fiction
HomerThe Odyssey, Books 9 & 12EuropeanAncient (to 450 AD)Poetry
HomerIliad, Books 6 & 22EuropeanAncient (to 450 AD)Poetry
HomerIliad, Books 6 & 22EuropeanAncient (to 450 AD)Poetry
HomerIliad, Books 3 and 4EuropeanAncient (to 450 AD)Poetry
HomerThe Odyssey, Books 21-24EuropeanAncient (to 450 AD)Poetry
Hopkins, Gerard ManleyThe Sea and the SkylarkEuropean19th CenturyPoetry
Hopkins, Gerard ManleyInversnaidEuropean19th CenturyPoetry
Hopkins, Gerard ManleyThe Candle IndoorsEuropean19th CenturyPoetry
Hopkins, Gerard ManleyAndromedaEuropean19th CenturyPoetry
Hughes, LangstonRed-Headed BabyAmerican, African American1900-1945Short Stories
Hughes, LangstonLittle DogAmerican, African American1900-1945Short Stories
Hughes, LangstonSlave on the BlockAmerican, African American1900-1945Short Stories
Hughes, LangstonCora UnashamedAmerican, African American1900-1945Short Stories
Hume, DavidMiraclesEuropean1650-1799Essays and SpeechesPhilosophy, Non-Fiction
Hume, DavidOn the Immortality of the SoulEuropean1650-1799Essays and SpeechesPhilosophy, Non-Fiction
Hurston, Zora NealeMagnoliaAmerican, African American, Women1900-1945Short Stories
Hurston, Zora NealeSpunkAmerican, African American, Women1900-1945Short Stories
Ibsen, HenrikPeer GyntEuropean19th CenturyPlays
Jackson, ShirleyThe LotteryAmerican, Women1900-1945Short Stories
James, HenryThe Tree of KnowledgeAmerican1900-1945Short Stories
James, HenryThe Altar of the DeadAmerican19th CenturyShort Stories
James, HenryGlassesAmerican19th Century
Short Stories
Jewett, Sarah OrnePoor Joanna Todd, Chapters 13-15 from The Country of the Pointed Firs American1900-1945Novellas
Jewett, Sarah OrnePoor Joanna ToddAmerican, Women1900-1945Short Stories
Joyce, JamesClayEuropean1900-1945Short Stories
Joyce, JamesThe DeadEuropean1900-1945Short Stories
Joyce, JamesAfter the RaceEuropean1900-1945Short Stories
Joyce, JamesIvy Day in the Committee RoomEuropean1900-1945Short Stories
Kafka, FranzA Hunger ArtistEuropean1900-1945Short Stories
Kafka, FranzThe BurrowEuropean1900-1945Short Stories
Kafka, FranzThe Great Wall of ChinaEuropean1900-1945Short Stories
Kennedy, John F. Report to the People on Civil Rights, June 11, 1963AmericanPost 1945Essays and SpeechesPolitics, Non-Fiction
Kensaku, ShimakiBlack CatNon-Western1900-1945Short Stories
Kensaku, ShimakiWaspsNon-Western1900-1945Short Stories
Kensaku, ShimakiCentipedeNon-Western1900-1945Short Stories
Kensaku, ShimakiRed FrogNon-Western1900-1945Short Stories
King Jr., Martin LutherI Have a Dream speech, August 28, 1963AmericanPost 1945Essays and SpeechesPolitics, Non-Fiction
Koethe, JohnIn ItalyAmericanPost 1945Poetry
Koethe, John(Milwaukee Port Laureate, 2000-2002)AmericanPost 1945Poetry
Koethe, JohnTheories of PrayerAmericanPost 1945Poetry
Lao TzuTao Te ChingNon-WesternAncient (to 450 AD)DocumentsReligion, Non-Fiction
Lawrence, D. H. Odour of ChrysanthemumsEuropean1900-1945Short Stories
Leopold, AldoThe Land Ethic, from A Sand County AlmanacAmericanPost 1945Essays and SpeechesPhilosophy, Non-Fiction
Lessing, DorisOur Friend JudithEuropean, WomenPost 1945Short Stories
Lessing, DorisThe Day Stalin DiedEuropean, WomenPost 1945Short Stories
Lessing, DorisThrough the TunnelEuropean, WomenPost 1945Short Stories
Lewis, C.S.The Screwtape LettersEuropean1900-1945Novel
Lowell, RobertSkunk HourAmerican1900-1945Poetry
Lowell, RobertFor the Union DeadAmerican1900-1945Poetry
Lu XunKong YijiNon-Western1900-1945Short Stories
Lu XunThe True Story of Ah QNon-Western1900-1945Short Stories
Lu XunA Madman’s DiaryNon-Western1900-1945Short Stories
LucretiusBook I of De Rerum NaturaEuropeanAncient (to 450 AD)Essays and SpeechesPhilosophy, Non-Fiction
MacDiarmid, HughThe Eemis StaneEuropean1900-1945Poetry
MacDiarmid, HughStony LimitsEuropean1900-1945Poetry
MacDiarmid, HughThe Little White RoseEuropeanPost 1945Poetry
MacDiarmid, HughFacing the ChairEuropeanPost 1945Poetry
Machiavelli, NicoloSelections from The PrinceEuropeanEarly Modern (1400-1650)Essays and SpeechesPolitics, Non-Fiction
MacLeish, ArchibaldThe End of the WorldAmerican1900-1945Poetry
MacLeish, ArchibaldYou, Andrew MarvellAmerican1900-1945Poetry
Mann, ThomasDisorder and Early SorrowEuropean1900-1945Short Stories
Mann, ThomasMario and the MagicianEuropean1900-1945Short Stories
Mansfield, KatherineThe Child-Who-Was-TiredEuropean, Women1900-1945Short Stories
Mansfield, KatherineFrau Brechenmacher Attends a WeddingEuropean, Women1900-1945Short Stories
Mansfield, KatherineThis FlowerEuropean, Women1900-1945Short Stories
Márquez, Gabriel GarcíaOne of These DaysLatin AmericanPost 1945Short Stories
Márquez, Gabriel GarcíaEva is Inside Her CatLatin AmericanPost 1945Short Stories
Márquez, Gabriel GarcíaA Very Old Man With Enormous WingsLatin AmericanPost 1945Short Stories
Márquez, Gabriel GarcíaThe Handsomest Drowned Man In The WorldLatin AmericanPost 1945Short Stories
Márquez, Gabriel GarcíaEyes of a Blue DogLatin AmericanPost 1945Short Stories
Maupassant, Guy deThe DevilEuropean19th CenturyShort Stories
Maupassant, Guy deDiary of a MadmanEuropean19th CenturyShort Stories
Maupassant, Guy deThe NecklaceEuropean19th CenturyShort Stories
Maupassant, Guy deApparitionEuropean19th CenturyShort Stories
McCullers, CarsonThe SojournerAmerican, WomenPost-1945Short Stories
Melville, HermanBartleby the ScrivenerAmerican19th CenturyShort Stories
Melville, HermanThe Happy FailureAmerican19th CenturyShort Stories
Melville, HermanBenito CerenoAmerican19th CenturyShort Stories
Mill, John StuartUtilitarianismEuropean19th CenturyEssays and SpeechesPhilosophy, Non-Fiction
Mill, John StuartChapter 1: "General Remarks"European19th CenturyEssays and SpeechesPhilosophy, Non-Fiction
Mill, John StuartChapter 2: "What Utilitarianism Is"European19th CenturyEssays and SpeechesPhilosophy, Non-Fiction
Miller, ArthurThe CrucibleAmericanPost 1945Plays
Miller, ArthurAll My SonsAmericanPost 1945Plays
Milton, JohnParadise Lost: Book IEuropean1650-1799Poetry
Mina LoyReligious InstructionEuropean1900-1945Poetry
Mina LoyBrancusi's Golden BirdEuropean1900-1945Poetry
Mistral, GabrielaThe Sad MotherLatin American, Women1900-1945Poetry
Mistral, GabrielaWhat You LovedLatin American, Women1900-1945Poetry
MolièreThe MisanthropeEuropean1650-1799Plays
MolièreLovers' Quarrels (translated into English verse by Richard Wilbur, 2005)European1650-1799Plays
Montaigne, Michel deOn CannibalsEuropeanEarly Modern (1400-1650)Essays and SpeechesPhilosophy, Non-Fiction
Montaigne, Michel deOn PresumptionEuropeanEarly Modern (1400-1650)Essays and SpeechesPhilosophy, Non-Fiction
Moore, MarianneWhat are Years?American, Women1900-1945Poetry
Moore, MarianneTo a Steam RollerAmerican, Women1900-1945Poetry
Muir, JohnMy First Summer in The Sierra, Chapter 1: Through the Foothills with a Flock of SheepAmerican1900-1945Essays and SpeechesNature, Non-Fiction
Muir, JohnMy First Summer in the Sierra, Chapter 5: The YosemiteAmerican1900-1945Essays and SpeechesNature, Non-Fiction
Nabokov, VladimirColette [First Love]EuropeanPost 1945Short Stories
Nabokov, VladimirSigns and SymbolsEuropeanPost 1945Short Stories
Nabokov, VladimirThe Vane SistersEuropeanPost 1945Short Stories
Nagel, ThomasWhat is it Like to Be a Bat?AmericanPost 1945Essays and SpeechesPhilosophy, Non-Fiction
Neruda, PabloThe Word and PastLatin American1900-1945Poetry
Nottage, LynnRuinedAmerican, African American, WomenPost 1945Plays
O'Connor, FlanneryEverything That Rises Must ConvergeAmerican, WomenPost 1945Short Stories
O'Connor, FlanneryThe RiverAmerican, WomenPost 1945Short Stories
O'Connor, FlanneryGreenleafAmerican, WomenPost 1945Short Stories
O'Connor, FlanneryRevelationAmerican, WomenPost 1945Short Stories
O'Connor, FlanneryA Good Man Is Hard to FindAmerican, WomenPost 1945Short Stories
O'Connor, FlanneryThe Artificial NiggerAmerican, WomenPost 1945Short Stories
O'Connor, FlanneryThe Life You Save May Be Your OwnAmerican, WomenPost 1945Short Stories
O'Connor, FlanneryA Temple of the Holy GhostAmericanPost 1945Short Stories
O'Connor, FlanneryGood Country PeopleAmericanPost 1945Short Stories
Oates, Joyce CarolWhere Are You Going, Where Have You Been?American, WomenPost-1945Short Stories
Olsen, TillieI Stand Here IroningAmerican, WomenPost-1945Short Stories
One Thousand and One Nights12 short talesNon-WesternMedieval (450-1400)Short Stories
Ortega y Gasset, José Selection from Revolt of the MassesEuropean1900-1945Essays and Speeches
Orwell, GeorgePolitics and the English LanguageEuropean1900-1945Essays and SpeechesPhilosophy, Non-Fiction
Orwell, GeorgeShooting an ElephantEuropean1900-1945Essays and SpeechesPhilosophy, Non-Fiction
Paley, GraceGoodbye and Good LuckAmerican, WomenPost-1945Short Stories
Parker, DorothyBig BlondAmerican, Women1900-1945Short Stories
Parker, DorothyHere We AreAmerican, Women1900-1945Short Stories
Pascal, BlaiseThe Misery of Man without God (Section II, Pensées 60-183)European1650-1799Non-fictionPhilosophy
Pascal, BlaiseOf the Necessity of the Wager (Section III, Pensée 233)European1650-1799Non-fictionPhilosophy
Paz, OctavioBetween Going And ComingLatin American1900-1945Poetry
Paz, OctavioBrotherhoodLatin American1900-1945Poetry
Pirandello, LuigiSix Characters in Search of an AuthorEuropean1900-1945Plays
Plath, SylviaElmAmerican, WomenPost 1945Poetry
Plath, SylviaMorning SongAmerican, WomenPost 1945Poetry
PlatoPhaedrusEuropeanAncient (to 450 AD)Essays and SpeechesPhilosophy, Non-Fiction
PlatoThe Death of SocratesEuropeanAncient (to 450 AD)Essays and SpeechesPhilosophy, Non-Fiction
PlatoEuthyphroEuropeanAncient (to 450 AD)Essays and SpeechesPhilosophy, Non-Fiction
PlatoHippias MajorEuropeanAncient (to 450 AD)Essays and SpeechesPhilosophy, Non-Fiction
PlatoCritoEuropeanAncient (to 450 AD)Essays and SpeechesPhilosophy, Non-Fiction
PlatoHipparchusEuropeanAncient (to 450 AD)Essays and SpeechesPhilosophy, Non-Fiction
PlatoMenoEuropeanAncient (to 450 AD)Essays and SpeechesPhilosophy, Non-Fiction
PlatoTheagesEuropeanAncient (to 450 AD)Essays and SpeechesPhilosophy, Non-Fiction
PlatoThe ApologyEuropeanAncient (to 450 AD)Essays and SpeechesPhilosophy, Non-Fiction
PlatoThe Myth of ErEuropeanAncient (to 450 AD)Essays and SpeechesPhilosophy
Pliny the YoungerLettersEuropeanAncient (to 450 AD)DocumentsHistory, Non-Fiction
Pliny the YoungerBook 9, Letter 33 To his friend Caninius on a boy and his dolphinEuropeanAncient (to 450 AD)DocumentsHistory, Non-Fiction
Pliny the YoungerBook 3, Letter 16 To his friend Nepos on a woman's heroismEuropeanAncient (to 450 AD)DocumentsHistory, Non-Fiction
Pliny the YoungerBook 4, Letter 11 To his friend Cornelius Minicianus on the death of a VestalEuropeanAncient (to 450 AD)DocumentsHistory, Non-Fiction
Pliny the YoungerBook 5, Letter 16 To his friend Aefulanus Marcellinus on a father's griefEuropeanAncient (to 450 AD)DocumentsHistory, Non-Fiction
Pliny the YoungerBook 6, Letters 16 and 20 Letters on Vesuvius to his friend TacitusEuropeanAncient (to 450 AD)DocumentsHistory, Non-Fiction
Pliny the YoungerBook 3, Letter 14 To his friend Acilius on a murdered magistrateEuropeanAncient (to 450 AD)DocumentsHistory, Non-Fiction
Poe, Edgar AllenCask of the AmontilladoAmerican19th CenturyShort Stories
Poe, Edgar AllenThe Murders in the Rue MorgueAmerican19th CenturyShort Stories
Poe, Edgar AllenImp of the PerverseAmerican19th CenturyShort Stories
Poe, Edgar AllenA Descent into the MaelstromAmerican19th CenturyShort Stories
Porter, Katherine AnneHeAmerican1900-1945Short Stories
Porter, Katherine AnneTheftAmerican1900-1945Short Stories
Porter, Katherine AnneThe GraveAmerican1900-1945Short Stories
Porter, Katherine AnneFlowering JudasAmerican1900-1945Short Stories
Porter, Katherine AnneThe Jilting of Granny WeatherallAmerican 1900-1945Short Stories
Pound, EzraThe River-Merchant's Wife: A LetterAmerican1900-1945Poetry
Pound, EzraCanto IAmerican1900-1945Poetry
Proust, MarcelPlace Names: The Name, Part 4 of Swann's WayEuropean1900-1945Novels
Proust, MarcelSwann in Love / Part three of Swann's WayEuropean1900-1945Novels
Proust, MarcelIn the Shadow of Young Girls in Flower, v.2 of In Search of Lost Time (Remembrance of Things Past)European1900-1945Novels
Proust, MarcelWithin a Budding Grove, Part 3 volume 2 of In Search of Lost Time (Remembrance of Things Past)European1900-1945Novels
Proust, MarcelWithin a Budding Grove, Part 4 volume 2 of In Search of Lost Time (Remembrance of Things Past)European1900-1945Novels
Proust. MarcelCombray I / Overture Part one of Swann's WayEuropean1900-1945Novels
Proust. MarcelCombray / Part two of Swann's WayEuropean1900-1945Novels
Pushkin, AleksandrThe Blizzard (aka The Snowstorm)European19th CenturyShort Stories
Pushkin, AleksandrQueen of SpadesEuropean19th CenturyShort Stories
Pynchon, ThomasThe Crying of Lot 49AmericanPost 1945Short Stories
Qu'ranSura 4, The WomenNon-WesternMedieval (450-1400)DocumentsReligion, Non-Fiction
Qu'ranSura 6, The CattleNon-WesternMedieval (450-1400)DocumentsReligion, Non-Fiction
Ramayana, Selections fromNon-WesternAncient (to 450 AD)Documents
Rand, AynAnthemAmerican, Women1900-1945Essays and Speeches
Rand, AynThe Objectivist EthicsAmerican, WomenPost 1945Essays and SpeechesPhilosophy, Non-Fiction
Rilke, Rainer MariaDuino ElegiesEuropean1900-1945Poetry
Roth, PhilipThe Conversion of the Jews AmericanPost 1945Short Stories
Roth, PhilipEli the FanaticAmericanPost 1945Short Stories
Rousseau, Jean-JacquesThe Origin and Foundation of the Inequality of MankindEuropean1650-1799Essays and SpeechesPhilosophy, Non-Fiction
Rumi, JalaluddinAdvice is never useful to loversNon-WesternMedieval (450-1400)Poetry
Rumi, JalaluddinRise up from me-ness and mix with allNon-WesternMedieval (450-1400)Poetry
Rumi, JalaluddinKisses but no lips were visableNon-WesternMedieval (450-1400)Poetry
Rumi, JalaluddinBe drunk in love since love is all that existsNon-WesternMedieval (450-1400)Poetry
Russell, BertrandWhy I Am Not A ChristianEuropean1900-1945Essays and SpeechesPhilosophy, Religion, Non-Fiction
Saint-Exupery, Antoine deThe Little PrinceEuropean1900-1945Novella
Salinger, J.D. Down at the DinghyAmericanPost 1945Short Stories
Salinger, J.D. Uncle Wiggily in ConnecticutAmericanPost 1945Short Stories
Salinger, J.D. A Perfect Day for BananafishAmericanPost 1945Short Stories
Sartre, Jean-PaulIntimacyEuropean1900-1945Short Stories
Sartre, Jean-PaulHerostratusEuropean1900-1945Short Stories
Sartre, Jean-PaulThe WallEuropean1900-1945Short Stories
Schopenhauer, ArthurThe World as Will and Idea, Book One (also titled The World as Will and Representation)European19th CenturyEssays and SpeechesPhilosophy, Non-Fiction
Schrödinger, Erwin Schrödinger's Cat, Sections 5 and 6 from The Present Situation in Quantum Mechanics from the original 1935 paper in Die Naturwissenschaften.European1900-1945Essays and SpeechesScience, Non-Fiction
Shakespeare, William CoriolanusEuropeanEarly Modern (1400-1650)Plays
Shakespeare, William CymbelineEuropeanEarly Modern (1400-1650)Plays
Shakespeare, William Hamlet, Prince of DenmarkEuropeanEarly Modern (1400-1650)Plays
Shakespeare, William King LearEuropeanEarly Modern (1400-1650)Plays
Shakespeare, William MacbethEuropeanEarly Modern (1400-1650)Plays
Shakespeare, William The Merchant of VeniceEuropeanEarly Modern (1400-1650)Plays
Shakespeare, William A Midsummer Night's DreamEuropeanEarly Modern (1400-1650)Plays
Shakespeare, William Much Ado About NothingEuropeanEarly Modern (1400-1650)Plays
Shakespeare, WilliamLove's Labour's LostEuropeanEarly ModernPlays
Shakespeare, William Romeo and JulietEuropeanEarly Modern (1400-1650)Plays
Shakespeare, William The Taming of the ShrewEuropeanEarly Modern (1400-1650)Plays
Shakespeare, William The TempestEuropeanEarly Modern (1400-1650)Plays
Shakespeare, William As You Like ItEuropeanEarly Modern (1400-1650)Plays
Shakespeare, William OthelloEuropeanEarly Modern (1400-1650)Plays
Shakespeare, WilliamCymbelineEuropeanEarly Modern (1400-1650)Plays
Shakespeare, WilliamRichard IIEuropeanEarly Modern (1400-1650)Plays
Shakespeare, WilliamHenry IVEuropeanEarly Modern (1400-1650)Plays
Shaw, George BarnardMajor BarbaraEuropean1900-1945Plays
Shaw, George BernardArms and the ManEuropean19th CenturyPlays
Shen FuThe Delights of Roaming AfarNon-Western19th CenturyShort Stories
Shen FuThe Joys of the Wedding ChamberNon-Western19th CenturyShort Stories
Shen FuThe Sorrows of MisfortuneNon-Western19th CenturyShort Stories
Shen FuThe Pleaures of LeisureNon-Western19th CenturyShort Stories
Shen FuSelections from Six Records of a Floating LifeNon-Western19th CenturyNovels
Shi Nai'anWater Margin: Chapters 1-7Non-WesternMedieval (450-1400)Novels
Shikibu, MurasakiThe Tale of Genji, Chapters 1 & 2Non-WesternMedieval (450-1400)Novels
Sitwell, EdithStill Falls the RainEuropean, Women1900-1945Poetry
Sitwell, EdithThe Lady with the Sewing-MachineEuropean, Women1900-1945Poetry
SophoclesTrachiniae, or The Woman of TrachisEuropeanAncient (to 450 AD)Plays
SophoclesAntigone, translation by David Mulroy (2013)EuropeanAncient (to 450 AD)Plays
SophoclesOedipus Rex, translation by David Mulroy (2011)EuropeanAncient (to 450 AD)Plays
SophoclesAntigoneEuropeanAncient (to 450 AD)Plays
Soyinka, WoleThe Swamp DwellersNon-Western1900-1945Plays
St. Vincent Millay, Edna If I should learn, in some quite casual way (Sonnet V)American, Women1900-1945Poetry
St. Vincent Millay, Edna Time does not bring relief; you all have lied (Sonnet II)American, Women1900-1945Poetry
Steele, ShelbyThe Content of Our Character: A New Vision of Race in America, chapts.1, 2, and 7American, African AmericanPost 1945Essays and SpeechesPolitics, Non-Fiction
Sterne, LaurenceThe Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman, Book 1European1650-1799Novels
Stevens, WallaceThe Idea of Order at Key WestAmerican1900-1945Poetry
Stevens, WallaceThe Snow ManAmerican1900-1945Poetry
Stevens, WallaceThirteen Ways of Looking at a BlackbirdAmerican1900-1945Poetry
Stoppard, TomArcadiaAmericanPost-1945Plays
Stowe, Harriet BeecherUncle Tom's Cabin, Chapters 1-8American19th CenturyNovels
Sun TzuSelections from The Art of WarNon-WesternAncient (to 450 AD)Essays and SpeechesPhilosophy, Non-Fiction
Svich, Caridad12 Ophelias (a play with broken songs)American, WomenPost 1945Plays
Swift, JonathanA Modest ProposalEuropean1650-1799Essays and SpeechesPolitics, Non-Fiction
Swift, JonathanA Treatise on Good Manners and Good BreedingEuropean1650-1799Essays and SpeechesPolitics, Non-Fiction
Tagore, Rabindranath The Postmaster Non-Western1900-1945Short Stories
Tagore, RabindranathCabuliwallah (The Fruitseller from Kabul)Non-Western1900-1945Short Stories
Tagore, Rabindranath The Hungry StonesNon-Western1900-1945Short Stories
Taylor, Marilyn (Milwaukee Poet Laureate, 2004-2006)To Lucy, Who Came FirstAmerican, WomenPost 1945Poetry
Taylor, Marilyn (Milwaukee Poet Laureate, 2004-2006)The Blue Water BuffaloAmerican, WomenPost 1945Poetry
Taylor, Marilyn (Milwaukee Poet Laureate, 2004-2006)Notes from the Good-Girl ChroniclesAmerican, WomenPost 1945Poetry
Tennyson, AlfredThe Lotus-EatersEuropean19th CenturyPoetry
Thomas, DylanThe Force That Through the Green Fuse Drives the FlowerEuropean1900-1945Poetry
Thomas, DylanA Refusal to Mourn the Death, by Fire, of a Child in LondonEuropean1900-1945Poetry
Thomas, DylanDo Not Go Gentle into that Good NightEuropean1900-1945Poetry
Thoreau, Henry DavidA Winter WalkAmerican19th CenturyEssays and SpeechesPhilosophy, Non-Fiction
ThucydidesPericles' Funeral Oration and the Plague at AthensEuropeanAncient (to 450 AD)Essays and SpeechesHistory, Non-Fiction
ThucydidesHistory of the Peloponnesian War: "The Melian Dialogue"EuropeanAncient (to 450 AD)DocumentsHistory, Non-Fiction
ThucydidesThe Peloponnesian War, Book 2:EuropeanAncient (to 450 AD)Essays and SpeechesHistory, Non-Fiction
Tolstoy, LeoDeath of Ivan IlychEuropean19th CenturyShort Stories
Turganev, IvanA Month in the CountryEuropean19th CenturyPlays
Twain, MarkDiary of Adam and EveAmerican19th CenturyShort Stories
Unamuno, Miguel de Saint Emmanuel the Good, MartyrEuropean1900-1945Short Stories
United States Constitution, The American1650-1799DocumentsPolitics, Non-Fiction
United States Supreme Court, The Roe versus Wade (Opinions of Justices Blackmun and Renquist)AmericanPost 1945DocumentsPolitics, Non-Fiction
United States Supreme Court, The The Dred Scott DecisionAmerican19th CenturyDocumentsPolitics, Non-Fiction
Updike, JohnA & PAmericanPost 1945Short Stories
VirgilAeneid, Book 6EuropeanAncient (to 450 AD)Poetry
VoltaireCandide (First twelve chapters)European1650-1799Novellas
Walch, JohnThe Nature of MutationAmericanPost 1945Plays
Wallace, George C. 4th of July speech (1964) against Civil Rights legislationAmericanPost 1945Essays and Speeches
Wells, H. G. The StarEuropean19th CenturyShort Stories
Wharton, EdithEthan FromeAmerican, Women1900-1945Novels
Whitman, WaltI Sing the Body ElectricAmerican19th CenturyPoetry
Whitman, WaltOne's-Self I SingAmerican19th CenturyPoetry
Whitman, WaltA Woman Waits for MeAmerican19th CenturyPoetry
Whitman, WaltI Saw in Louisinana a Live-Oak GrowingAmerican19th CenturyPoetry
Whitman, WaltOut of the Rolling Ocean the CrowdAmerican19th CenturyPoetry
Whitman, WaltA Noiseless Patient SpiderAmerican19th CenturyPoetry
Whitman, WaltWhen I Heard the Learn'd AstronomerAmerican19th CenturyPoetry
Whitman, WaltO Captain! My Captain!American19th CenturyPoetry
Wilde, OscarThe Decay of LyingEuropean19th CenturyShort Stories
Wilder, ThorntonOur TownAmerican1900-1945Plays
Williams, William Carlos The Red WheelbarrowAmericanPost 1945Poetry
Williams, William Carlos This Is Just to SayAmericanPost 1945Poetry
Williams, William Carlos To ElsieAmericanPost 1945Poetry
Wilson, AugustFencesAmericanPost 1945Plays
Wilson, LanfordHot l BaltimoreAmericanPost 1945Plays
Wittgenstein, Ludwig Selections from Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus and Philosophical InvestigationsEuropean1900-1945DocumentsPhilosophy, Non-Fiction
Wollstonecraft, MaryA Vindication of the Rights of Woman, introduction and chapter 12European, Women1650-1799Essays and SpeechesPhilosophy, Non-Fiction
Woolf, VirginiaThe Duchess and the JewellerEuropean, Women1900-1945Short Stories
Woolf, VirginiaA SocietyEuropean, Women1900-1945Short Stories
Woolf, VirginiaThe Mark on the WallEuropean, Women1900-1945Short Stories
Woolf, VirginiaA Haunted HouseEuropean, Women1900-1945Short Stories
Woolf, VirginiaAn Unwritten NovelEuropean, Women1900-1945Short Stories
Wordsworth, WilliamOde: Intimations of ImmortalityEuropean19th CenturyPoetry
Xun, LuDiary of a MadmanNon-Western1900-1945Short Stories
Xun, LuNew Year's SacrificeNon-Western1900-1945Short Stories
Yeats, William ButlerSailing to ByzantiumEuropean1900-1945Poetry
Yeats, William ButlerWhen You Are OldEuropean1900-1945Poetry
Yeats, William ButlerVacillationEuropean1900-1945Poetry
Yeats, William ButlerAmong School ChildrenEuropean1900-1945Poetry
Yeats, William ButlerPoliticsEuropean1900-1945Poetry
Yeats, William ButlerThe Second ComingEuropean1900-1945Poetry
ZacariasThe Sins of Sor JuanaLatin American, WomenPost 1945Plays
Zola, EmileJ'accuseEuropean19th CenturyEssays and SpeechesPolitics, Non-Fiction
Zola, EmileThe Attack on the MillEuropean19th CenturyEssays and SpeechesPolitics, Non-Fiction