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Upcoming Events

June 30
Great Books Roundtable Discussion
James Thurber
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” (1939)
The Night the Bed Fell” (1933)
The Greatest Man in the World” (1931)
There’s an Owl in My Room” (1934, prefaced by Gertrude Stein’s “From Four Saints in Three Acts” (Pigeons on the Grass, Alas))

July 28
Great Books Roundtable Discussion
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Winter Dreams” (1922)
Babylon Revisited” (1931)
Afternoon of an Author” (1936)

August 25
Great Books Roundtable Discussion
From the Satires (early 2nd century CE)
Satire I: It is Hard Not to Write Satire
Satire V: Patronizing Patronage
Satire VIII: True Nobility

September 29
Great Books Roundtable Discussion
Richard Feynman
There’s Plenty of Room at the Bottom” (1959)
Time and Distance,” chapter 5 from The Feynman Lectures on Physics (1961-63)
Cargo Cult Science” (1974)

October 27
Great Books Roundtable Discussion
Ivan Turgenev
Bezhin Meadow” (1852)
The Dog” (1866)

November 4
Morris Fromkin Memorial Lecture
“Mapping Racism and Resistance in Milwaukee County: Struggles over Racism and Real Estate in the Urban North”
Presented by:
Anne Bonds, Associate Professor, UWM Geography
Derek Handley, Assistant Professor, UWM English
Reggie Jackson, Journalist and Educator/Consultant, Nurturing Diversity Partners, LLC
Lawrence Hoffman, GIS Program Manager at Groundwork Milwaukee

December 1
Marcel Proust
Place Names: The Place,” Part I from Within a Budding Grove, Volume 2 of In Search of Lost Time (1919)

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Regular Event Series

Special Collections hosts regular monthly, annual, and semi-annual events.

Ettinger Book Artist Series
(Formerly the Book FOR[u]MS Book Artist Speaker Series)

Fromkin Memorial Lectures
Recent Research in Social Justice and Human Rights

Great Books Roundtable Discussions
An informal gathering to discuss classic works of literature.

UWM Authors Recognition Ceremony
A biennial event for UWM authors whose publications have been added to the UWM Authors Collection