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Great Books 2021-2022 Readings

Until otherwise noted, all discussions will take place from 7:00 – 9:00 pm via virtual Zoom session due to the coronavirus pandemic. Please contact Max Yela (maxyela@uwm.edu) for more information on how to attend the discussion.

June 30
James Thurber
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” (1939)
The Night the Bed Fell” (1933)
The Greatest Man in the World” (1931)
There’s an Owl in My Room” (1934, prefaced by Gertrude Stein’s “From Four Saints in Three Acts” (Pigeons on the Grass, Alas))

July 28
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Winter Dreams” (1922)
Babylon Revisited” (1931)
Afternoon of an Author” (1936)

August 25
From the Satires (early 2nd century CE)
Satire I: It is Hard Not to Write Satire
Satire V: Patronizing Patronage
Satire VIII: True Nobility

September  29
Richard Feynman
There’s Plenty of Room at the Bottom” (1959)
Time and Distance,” chapter 5 from The Feynman Lectures on Physics (1961-63)
Cargo Cult Science” (1974)

October 27
Ivan Turgenev
Bezhin Meadow” (1852)
The Dog” (1866)

December 1
Marcel Proust
Place Names: The Place,” Part I from Within a Budding Grove, Volume 2 of In Search of Lost Time (1919)

January 26
The Epic of Gilgamesh (ca. 22nd century BCE; translated by Maureen Gallery Kovacs in 1989)

February 23

Books 1-3 of The Consolation of Philosophy (523 CE)

March 30
Clarice Lispector
The Hen” (1964; Translated by Elizabeth Bishop)
The Smallest Woman in the World” (1960; Translated by Elizabeth Bishop)
Elizabeth Bishop
What is in His Hand?” (ca. 1934)
In the Village” (1953)

April 27
Pablo Neruda
Pájaro / Bird
Un Perro Ha Muerto / A Dog Has Died
Sueño de Gatos / Cat’s Dream
Jorge Luis Borges
El Otro Tigre / The Other Tiger
Un Lobo / A Wolf
Cecília Meireles
Cantarão os Galos / The Roosters Will Crow
O Cavalo Morto / The Dead Horse

May 25
William Shakespeare
Henry IV, Part 2 (ca.1596-1599)