April 15, 16, 17 | 8:30-12:30 (online only)
Chris Endemann, Karl Holten, Jennifer Patiño, Ann Hanlon

Join this recently developed Carpentries workshop for a practical Introduction to Text Analysis, designed for those with Python experience (how to create functions, for loops, conditional logic, use the pandas library, etc.). Check out our Intro to Python workshop, April 10-11, if you need an introduction. The workshop covers Natural Language Processing (NLP) basics, API usage, data preparation, document/word embeddings, topic modeling, Word2Vec, Transformer models using Hugging Face, and ethical considerations. Students and researchers working in the digital humanities are especially encouraged to attend! View the the lesson homepage for an overview of the topics we will cover.

This is a pilot workshop, testing out a lesson that is still under development. The lesson authors would appreciate any feedback you can give them about the lesson content and suggestions for how it could be further improved.

Register here: https://uw-madison-datascience.github.io/2024-04-15-uwmadison-textanalysis/