Mission Statement

The Libraries of Marquette University, the Medical College of Wisconsin, and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee provide access to their collections and services for each other’s academic communities.

This document provides basic information on access to these libraries. Individuals are encouraged to contact specific libraries, or visit their electronic catalogs, or Web sites, for further information.

Cooperative Access Program

The Libraries are implementing this program as a means of improving access for each other’s academic communities to the 3,000,000 volume research collections of Marquette University, the Medical College of Wisconsin, and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Libraries. In an information intensive era, with spiraling journal costs, proliferating research publications, and increased need for ready access to current scholarship, it is impossible for any single library to meet all user needs. This is particularly true in science, technology, and medical research. For that reason, the three institutions are actively planning ways to increase cooperation in order to minimize the impact of journal cancellations that have unfortunately become a regular feature of the scholarly information world.

The Libraries are exploring additional ways to manage decisions about print and electronic collections to serve you better. We expect to build on this initial effort, and we welcome your suggestions for improvements and closer cooperation.

As part of this continuing effort, the Marquette Libraries, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Golda Meir Library, and the Medical College of Wisconsin’s Library have implemented a unique cooperative loan program that makes temporary transfers of archival and manuscript resources possible among the three institutions. For further information on this CAP initiative (Improved Research Access-Archives Style), see Inter-Archives Loans.

Marquette University Libraries

Raynor Memorial Library 1355 W. Wisconsin Avenue

Reference 414-288-7556
Circulation 414-288-7555
Library Hours 414-288-1530

Reference 414-288-3398
Circulation 414-288-3399
Library Hours 414-288-1530

Parking: ($) Parking available in the structure on 16th between Wisconsin & Wells

Access for MCW faculty and students: MCW picture ID is required to enter the library. Upon your first visit, you will be issued a voucher to obtain a courtesy card which can be purchased for $5.00 in the student union and must be obtained prior to your next visit.  You must use this special card to access the library on all subsequent visits.

Access for UWM faculty and students: Faculty must have UWM picture ID to enter library. You will be issued a voucher to obtain a courtesy card for $5.00 in the student union.Must be obtained prior to your next visit.

Borrowing PrivilegesFacultyStudents
Books4 Week LoanID (MCW), Use ILL (UWM)
RenewalsOne RenewalOne Renewal
Telephone RenewalsYesYes

Copying: Copies are $.07 each. A courtesy card must be purchased to use the photocopiers or print stations.

Contact Person: Kerry Olivetti

Medical College of Wisconsin Libraries

Todd Wehr Library
8701 Watertown Plank Rd
Third floor of the Health Research Center building.

Front Desk:  414-955-8300
Reference: 414-955-8302
Email: librarytw@mcw.libanswers.com

Parking: Use MCW Visitor & Staff Parking on east side of 87th Street across from Health Research Center building. Use the intercom to request access.

ID Required: Registration with Public Safety is required to visit the library during public hours: Monday through Friday, 9 am – 5 pm. School ID required to obtain special borrower card from Library.

Print and copy pages are $.15 for black and white, $.50 each for color. Prints and copies can be purchased with a credit or debit card. Instructions available here.

Contact Person: Michelle Harrell, 414-955-8329

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Libraries

Golda Meir Library: 2311 W. Hartford Avenue

Ask a Librarian: 229-4659
Circulation: 229-4132
Information: 229-4785
Library Hours

Parking: Visitor meters, limited street parking, Union underground parking (Kenwood)

ID Required: None to enter Library before 7pm Sunday through Thursday. After 7pm a picture ID is required. Only UWM faculty, staff and students have access after 11pm. ID required to obtain special borrower card

Borrowing PrivilegesFacultyStudents
BooksSemesterInfoPass (MU), ID (MCW)
Telephone RenewalsNoNo

Borrowing privileges: May check out up to 10 library books at a time.

Printing: Printing is processed through Wēpa.

Contact Person: Circulation Department