Research Services

We gladly provide information about the department and our holdings at no charge. Although we will not conduct extensive research on behalf of individuals, we will in some cases provide information from our holdings. Such service is provided as resources permit. We are usually able to complete a request within two weeks. To partially recover our costs, we charge for providing information from our holdings. Charges apply whether or not the information is found. Fees are given below. Wisconsin state tax is charged, if applicable.

ServiceGeneral PublicUWM Affiliate
Research – Charges include costs for copies$15/half hour (minimum charge of 1/2 hour)$7.50/half hour (minimum charge of 1/2 hour)

Copying Services

Basic copying services (e.g., photocopying and scanning) are provided by the department staff, as time allows. Copying service that requires special equipment or expertise is usually completed by our Digital Collections & Initiatives department and charged at their usual rates. Fees are given below.

ServiceGeneral PublicUWM Affiliate
Copying (In-house)$15/half hour (minimum charge of 1/2 hour). Additional charge of $6 per deliverable$7.50/half hour (minimum charge of 1/2 hour). Additional charge of $3 per deliverable
Copy Service (Outsourced) – Includes photograph reproduction, film to video reformatting, etc.UITS’s current fee + 50%UITS’s current fee + 50%


The Archives does not provide copies of UWM student transcripts. To request copies of a UWM student transcript, contact UWM’s Enrollment and Financial Services.

The following manuscript collections are known to contain student records: Layton School of Art Student TranscriptsMilwaukee-Downer CollegeSinai Samaritan Medical Center, and St. Mary’s School of Nursing (no transcripts). Transcripts and other student records are protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). The Archives will not release these records without the student’s written authorization or, in the case of the student’s death, proof of the student’s death (i.e., a death certificate). Even in the case of a student’s death, other legal restrictions may apply to these records.

To receive a copy of a transcript from one of these four collections, please contact us for a Transcript Request Form. There is a $15 fee for the first transcript copy, and a $5 fee for each copy of the same record.

Permissions for Public Use

The Archives does not charge individuals for their personal use of copies from our collections (e.g., a photographic print acquired for home decoration). However, we require written permission for any public use of our holdings or copies of our holdings.

In some cases, the Archives may assess a fee based on its ownership of the physical materials in its collections. This fee represents no claim to copyright to any of the materials in question, although in some cases the Archives may hold copyright to those materials. Payment of the use fee does not constitute, and should not be viewed as, permission by a copyright holder to reproduce works that are copyrighted. Users must determine on their own if the use they intend to make of images invades copyright, rights to privacy, or other rights. Ask an Archivist for more information and to request permission for a public use.


Do not send payment directly. After we determine fees, you will be informed on how to pay electronically via credit card. There are no refunds for completed transactions.

Wisconsin sales tax is charged, if applicable. A separate charge is applied for postage and handling. The standard postage and handling fee is $2.00.


We deliver copies via the internet or United States Postal Service unless a Fed Ex number is provided.

We are usually able to complete an order for research and copying services within two weeks. Requests for film transfers usually take four weeks to complete.