Daniel Harvey

  • Web Applications Developer, L&S Web and Data

Biographical Sketch

Danny Harvey began working as a Web Applications Developer in the LSITO Web Development Office in August 2012. He creates apps to support business and administrative processes and usability testing. His professional experience, prior to his arrival at UWM, consists of fourteen years as a Materials Research Engineer at the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, D.C. and twelve years as a web and mobile applications developer at Eastern Illinois University where he created custom apps to support business processes as well as instructional, research, and assessment activities. Danny’s educational background includes a B.S. and M.S. in Materials Engineering from Virginia Tech and a M.S. in Computer Technology from Eastern Illinois University.For more information about Danny Harvey see his website: http://people.uwm.edu/harveyd/

Selected Publications

Pearson, M. M., & Harvey, D. P. (2013) Cognitive Science: How Do Deep Approaches to Learning Promote Metacognitive Strategies to Enhance Integrated Learning?. Conference Proceedings: Lilly Conference on College and University Teaching and Learning , 60-65.
Harvey, D. P., & Liu, P. P. (2009) Algorithms to Automate Estimation of Time Codes for Captioning Digital Media. Chaudhury, S. , Mitra, S. , Murthy, C. A., Sastry, P. S., & Pal, S. K. (Eds). Pattern Recognition and Machine Intelligence, Lecture Notes in Computer Science , 5909, 585-590. Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag.
Harvey, D. P. (2003) Influence of flow stress and specimen geometry on the fracture morphology of nickel 270. Materials science and technology , 19, 1635-1640.