Lori Fitzenberger

  • Sr Advisor, Student Academic Services
Advises Pre-Anesthesiologist Assistant students, Pre-Med students, Pre-Pathologist Assistant students, and Pre-Vet students

Biographical Sketch

Hello and welcome to the College of Letters & Science! My name is Lori Fitzenberger and I have been advising students in the College since 2001. I advise pre-professional students in the following areas: medicine, veterinary medicine, podiatry, anesthesiologist assistant and pathologist assistant. \nBesides providing academic advising required to complete UWM degree requirements, I am here to assist students with learning and providing more information about their intended professional field of studies. This includes learning about the application process to professional school, admission requirements and career advising. Admission to professional school is very competitive so I encourage students to meet with me on a regular basis so I can assist with planning their undergraduate experience.

To request a pre-professional classification, use the Pre-Professional Intake Form.