Jennifer Deroche

  • Assistant Dean, Student Academic Services

Biographical Sketch

Welcome to the College of Letters and Science! My name is Jennifer DeRoche, and I advise first-year students in the College. In our rapidly changing world, I really believe a liberal arts education is one of the best investments you can make. The hallmark skills of a liberal arts education—excellent communication skills, critical thinking skills, and problem solving skill—are the very skills most employers are seeking. As an English and Philosophy major, I draw on these skills in my own work every day. In my role as an academic advisor, I strive to help each student maximize his or her experience at UWM. I want to make sure you stay on track with your degree progress and know about every opportunity and resource that is available to you at the university. Beyond your classroom experiences, it is important to plan for and participate in study abroad, internship and research opportunities to get the most out of your college years and be prepared for the future. I enjoy working with first-year students because, while the first year of college can be really challenging, it also is a very exciting time.