Buff, Rachel

Professor and Chair, History


  • PhD, American Studies, University of Minnesota, 1995
  • BA, Brown University, 1985

Courses Taught

  • Ethnic 101 - Africans, Europeans and Indian Nations in the Making of American Cultures
  • Ethnic 102 - Transnational Migration
  • Hist 600/Ethnic 550 - Immigration and U.S. Popular Culture
  • Hist 436 - Midwestern Migrations
  • Hist 419 - Post-1945 U.S.
  • Hist 800 - Colloquium on U.S. History - Immigration History
  • Hist 900 - Seminar on U.S. History - Rhetorics of Citizenship
  • Hist 900 - Seminar on U.S. History - Citizen, Migrant, Nation

Teaching Interests

  • Comparative Ethnic Studies
  • Immigration History
  • U.S. Survey, post-1945

Research Interests

  • Immigration, immigrant rights
  • Transnational cultural politics of the Cold War
  • Diasporic cultural citizenship

Related Activities

  • Coordinator, Comparative Ethnic Studies Program
  • Interim Editor, Voces de la Frontera
  • Editorial Board Member, Nation of Nations Series, New York University Press

Selected Publications

  • Buff, Rachel I. Into Velvet Bellweather Prize for Socially Engaged FIction- PEN American Center. : 280
  • Buff, Rachel I. “Itinerancy &Violence: Paul Kochi and Imin No Aiwa (An Immigrant’s Sorrowful Tale)” Radical History Review Ed. Paik, A. N., and Mann, Simeon. ().
  • Buff, Rachel I. Deportation: The Origins of U.S. Policy Ed. Johnson, Benjamin. Journal of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era. .
  • Buff, Rachel I. Review, Kenyon Zimmer, IMMIGRANTS AGAINST THE STATE Canadian Journal of History. .
  • Buff, Rachel I. “"Repurposing Immigrant Rights Advocacy"” Deportation in the Americas: Histories of Excluson and Resistance Ed. Zimmer, Kenyon, and Salinas, Cristina. College Station, TX: Texas A&M Press. (): 27.
  • Buff, Rachel I. Against the Deportation Terror: Organizing for Immigrant Rights in the Twentieth Century Philadelphia, PA: Temple University Press. 2017: 282
  • Buff, Rachel I. “'We're Here Because You Were There': Refugee Rights Advocacy and AntiSemitism” On Anti Semitism: Solidarity and the Struggle for Justice Ed. Jewish Voice for Peace, . Chicago, IL: Haymarket Books. (2017): 121-128.
  • Buff, Rachel I. “Domestic Internationalisms, Imperial Nationalisms: Civil Rights, Immigration and Conjugal Military Policy” Routing Diasporas Ed. McGuinness, Aims, McKay, Steve, and Banerjee, Sukanya. Champagne-Urbana, IL: University of Illinois. (2012).
  • Buff, Rachel I. “Denizenship as Transnational Practice” Public Culture: Diversity, Democracy and Community in the United States Ed. Schaffer, Marguerite. Philadelphia, PA: University of Pennsylvania Press. (2008): 263-272.
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