Japan Twang: An Evening of Tsugaru-jamisen with Sato Michiyoshi

Thursday, March 15 2018 6:00PM-8:00PM

Union Cinema

Come enjoy an entertaining and educational concert with shamisen virtuoso Sato Michiyoshi on his second US tour! Sato is an award-winning performer of Tsugaru-jamisen, a dynamic style of music played on a three-stringed Japanese banjo called a shamisen. Sato’s performance glides between traditional and modern, classic and popular modes, and incorporates improvisation, singing, and comedy. In this one-hour performance, Sato will focus on demonstrating the range and flexibility of the instrument. The event will begin with introductory remarks by Dr. Joshua Solomon of Hirosaki University. Please join us for a night that promises to be a particularly memorable one here at UWM.

Many thanks to Ashely Hale for all her work on this project. Also thanks to the Japanese Culture Association, the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature, and the Center for International Education for making this possible!

Video of the event is now available here: