Guest Lecture: Saneyuki Hondo of US Nisshin Shokai

Thursday, February 20 2020 2PM - 3PM

Language Oasis (Curtin 189)

The Japanese Program is excited to host Saneyuki Hondo, President of US Nisshin Shokai, Inc. at the Language Center Oasis on the 1st floor of Curtin Hall. Mr. Hondo is involved in international agricultural trade, particularly between the United States and Japan.

For those of you enrolled in or planning to enroll in our Japanese Food Culture courses, this is an invaluable opportunity to speak with an expert at the center of this topic. Equally, for those of you with an interest in working in a professional field that has connections to Japan or the Japanese language, you can ask Mr. Hondo for his perspectives on the future of bilingual Japanese-English careers.

This is a rare opportunity, please consider the value of your participation. Questions can be directed at Kevin Mulholland (