Research with LGBTQ+ individuals

These recommendations were developed by a subcommittee of the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee for LGBTQ+ Advocacy (CACLGBT+A)

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General recommendations for collecting demographic information about gender
This document explains why an old standard format for this question, asking subjects to identify themselves using the dichotomous sex variable Male or Female, is a poor ethical practice. The best practice guidance lays out a standard format for collecting demographic data about gender (and sex if necessary) that is respectful of study subjects who are intersex, have gender transitioned, and/or have nonbinary gender identities.

Recommendations for research specifically focused on gender/sexuality
This document is relevant when researchers will be asking questions about sexuality, sexual orientation, sex variance, gender identity and/or gender expression. It discusses harms that can arise, and provides suggested formats for research questions intended to prevent such harms.


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