Application to Enrollment Funnel Dashboard (provided in collaboration with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions)

Availability:OBIEE Dashboard Link: Access Required. To obtain access to the OBIEE reporting tool, please click here.
Description:This dashboard combines both application/admission data with enrollment data to show the progression of students from the time of application to the time of enrollment. Users can filter the data in a number of different ways, including by school/college, plan, and subplan to see counts of applications, admits, matriculations, and enrollments. This dashboard is updated weekly.

There is also a final version of this dashboard that reports final, historical information by term (named "Application to Enrollment Funnel Final" in OBIEE).

Users of this dashboard may be accessing FERPA-protected data and are therefore expected 1) only to access such data if they have a legitimate educational reason for doing so, and 2) to take appropriate measures to protect the confidentiality of such data, for example, redacting cell sizes less than or equal to 5 if the data will be shared outside of UWM.
Production Schedule:Refreshed Weekly
Data Source:A wide variety of data warehouse tables
Note:This dashboard is jointly provided by Undergraduate Admissions and OAIR. Please find the dashboard under the "ADMISSION DASHBOARD" section in the OBIEE.
Change Log:1/8/2024: Corrected data for Asian Amer, SE Asian Amer, and Targeted categories from Spring 2022 through Fall 2023 are now showing.

6/24/2022: Updated the "Application to Enrollment Funnel Final " dashboard with Summer 2021 and Spring 2022 data.