Program Analytics Dashboard

Availability:SharePoint Dashboard Link
Note: To help protect student privacy, this dashboard is limited to people who have existing access to OBIEE. To learn more about requesting access to OBIEE, please click here.
Description:The Program Analytics Dashboard provides summary data for undergraduate major programs related to the following topics: Enrollment, Retention & Graduation Rates, Student Credit Hours (SCH), Completions, Credits to Degree, and Faculty and Staff.

The metrics in this dashboard were selected based on the Academic Program and Curriculum Committee's revised Program Review Guidelines. Updates will be made in the future to further align the metrics with the guidelines.

Users of this dashboard may be accessing FERPA-protected data and are therefore expected 1) only to access such data if they have a legitimate educational reason for doing so, and 2) to take appropriate measures to protect the confidentiality of such data, for example, redacting cell sizes less than or equal to 5 if the data will be shared outside of UWM.
Production Schedule:Updated continuously as new data become available.
Data Source:Data warehouse and UW System tables. Additional details are provided in the "Notes" tab in the dashboard.
Change Log:4/2/2024: Three updates were made: (1) Information reported for the Classics program in the "Student Credit Hours (SCH)" and "Faculty and Staff" tabs now includes Greek and Latin courses. (2) In the past, some students in the Occupational Science and Technology program were still reported with the old name (Occupational Studies). All students are now reported with Occupational Science and Technology. (3) 2023-24 SCH data were added.

1/31/2024: Updated to include the Data Analytics and Data Science-Undergraduate programs.

1/17/2024: Updated to reflect 2030 realignment. Updated to include Fall 2023 enrollments, retention rates, graduation rates, and faculty/staff metrics. More notes added to describe FTE enrollment calculations.

8/9/2023: Updated to include completions for 2022-23.

5/24/2023: Added Studio Art and Design & Visual Communication. Added a note to clarify how faculty/staff with multiple employment categories are reported.

3/21/2023: Updated with 2022-23 SCH and 2022 Faculty/Staff FTE.
The older version of the Atmospheric Sciences program in the College of Letters & Science now has its own program category (Atmospheric Sci L&S). This causes enrollment, retention, and degree completions to be reported separately from the current version of program in the School of Freshwater Sciences (listed as "Atmospheric Sciences" in the dashboard"). Due to data constraints, all historical faculty/staff and SCH information are reported with both versions of the program.

2/2/2023: Revised the notes for Retention & Graduation Rates to clarify that students are counted with the program(s) they were enrolled in during their first fall term, but are counted as retained or graduated based on re-enrollment or completion in any program.

1/4/2023: Year in School filter added to the "Enrollment" tab.

12/19/2022: On rare occasions, students are reported as “New Transfers” after completing their bachelor’s degree at UWM. The dashboard was revised to exclude a student with this circumstance from the Fall 2021 New Transfer cohort reflected in the "Retention & Graduation Rates" tab. The General Business program was also added to the dashboard.

10/19/2022: Updated the "Enrollment" and "Retention & Graduation Rates" tabs with information for Fall 2022. The Neuroscience program was also added to the dashboard.

9/13/2022: Dashboard refreshed to capture additional completions from 2021-22.

7/22/2022: Updated with SCH, completions, and credits to degree information for 2021-22. Five programs were also added to the dashboard: (1) Committee Interdisciplinary: American Indian Studies, (2) Committee Interdisciplinary: Chinese, (3) Committee Interdisciplinary: Ethnic Studies, (4) Committee Interdisciplinary: Japanese, (5) Committee Interdisciplinary: Individually designed

12/6/2021: Dashboard updated with notes indicating that student credit hours and faculty/staff teaching metrics can include both undergraduate and graduate courses.