Department Analytics Dashboard

Availability:SharePoint Dashboard
Note: To help protect student privacy, this dashboard is limited to people who have existing access to OBIEE. To learn more about requesting access to OBIEE, please click here.
Description:The Department Analytics Dashboard provides summary data related to the following topics, by department: Enrollment, Retention & Graduation Rates, Student Credit Hours (SCH), DFW Rates, Completions, Faculty and Staff, and Financials.

Users of this dashboard may be accessing FERPA-protected data and are therefore expected 1) only to access such data if they have a legitimate educational reason for doing so, and 2) to take appropriate measures to protect the confidentiality of such data, for example, redacting cell sizes less than 5 if the data will be shared outside of UWM.
Production Schedule:Updated continuously as new data become available.
Data Source:Data warehouse and UW System tables. Additional details are provided in the "Notes" tab in the dashboard.
Change Log:10/8/2021: Revised the methodology used for 1-year retention rates on the "Retention & Graduation Rates" tab to also count students as retained if they graduated with a bachelor's degree in their first year and had no prior degrees/completions from UWM (Flex degrees are excluded). Fixed "DFW Rates" tab so that Sparkline Trends are available for every course section.

9/15/2021: Updated the "Financials" tab with information for 2021. The "Completions" tab was also updated with more recent information.

8/31/2021: Targeted Status and Race/Ethnicity filters were added to the "DFW Rates" section.

8/24/2021: A new "DFW Rates" section was added to the dashboard. Student credit hours (SCH) and completions for 2020-21 were also added. "Student Assistants" and "Faculty & Staff" totals were added back to the "Faculty and Staff" tab because the data quality issues described in the note from 1/27/2021 have been resolved.

2/3/2021: Updated to include faculty/staff FTE for 2020.

1/27/2021: "Student Assistants" and "Faculty & Staff" totals were removed from the "Faculty and Staff" tab due to data quality issues that were discovered recently. The "Enrollment", "Retention & Graduation Rates", and "Completions" sections in the "Notes" tab were also updated.

1/12/2021: Updated "Faculty and Staff" section in the "Notes" tab. Rounded Faculty/Staff FTE to whole numbers to address a technical issue.