The Disruptive Technologies Lab at the School of Information Studies is a hub for research, innovation and collaboration on digital disruption technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain technologies and the Internet of Things.

Education & Innovation

The SOIS Disruptive Technologies Lab is an innovative space for learning and experimentation. Both onsite and online students can explore technology and digital environments driving the next stage of communication services, digital platforms, blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence. Activities include:

  • Seminars, workshops, bootcamps, hackathons on a variety of disruptive technologies.
  • On-site and virtual lab environment
  • Interdisciplinary courses

Research & Collaboration

The SOIS Disruptive Technologies Lab supports the emergent regional technology ecosystem. As a hub for collaboration and innovation, the lab will provide an environment for research and collaboration. The Disruptive Technologies Lab welcomes
formal and informal collaborations with other scholars, institutions, and agencies.

Disruptive Technologies Blogs

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Shana Ponelis
  • Associate Professor, School of Information Studies