Jacques Du Plessis

  • Associate Professor, Information Studies Admin


  • PhD, 2002, Utah State University (Instructional Technology)
  • MA, 1992, Brigham Young University (Linguistics)
  • BA 1989, Brigham Young University (Linguistics)


Jacques du Plessis, Associate Professor has been on the faculty at SOIS since 2002. He teaches the following courses: Multimedia Product Development, Instructional Technologies, Information Security, Web Development, and Genealogy. Since his tenure as president of the National Council of Less Commonly Taught Languages, he has focused on online models to teach less commonly-taught languages at universities in a financially sustainable model. His research also includes the following areas: improvement of early math and music education; open courseware for foreign language learning (http://www.afrikaans.us/); disruptive technologies, and a circular economy for smart cities. He is currently writing a book about the macro objectives of education. Du Plessis launched the first online foreign language course at UWM, teaching Afrikaans, his native language. He has lead many study abroad groups to his native South Africa. He currently serves as president of the Association of Genealogy Educators and Schools.

Courses Taught

240 Web Design430 Multimedia Product Development
497 Study Abroad - South Africa670 Instructional Technologies678 Multimedia691 Hypertext Markup Language
691 Cascading Style Sheets
691 Genealogy & Family History
784 Information Security Management
Afrikaans 101 and 102

Sample Publications

Du Plessis, J. (2007). The future of learning objects. In Koohang, A. & Harman, K.Learning Objects: Theory, Praxis, Issues, and Trends, pp. 585-608. Santa Rosa, California: Informing Science Press.

Du Plessis J.C. (2008). "From food silos to community kitchens" - Retooling African Libraries. The International Information and Library Review, 40(1), 43-51.

Xiangming, M., Jordan, J., Jeong, W. & Du Plessis, J. (2009). Towards a combined approach to metadata in corporate knowledge management: A Case Study of GE Healthcare. Journal of Information & Knowledge Management, 8(3),189-200.

Du Plessis J.C. (2009). Instructional objectives: The journey versus the destiny perspective. Perspectives in Education. 27(3), 258-65.

Jacques du Plessis' CV