Call for Papers: Library Trends

CALL FOR PAPERS: LIBRARY TRENDS Title: Researching practice / Practicing research: The public library in partnership with academia Editors: Joyce Latham (University of Milwaukee School of Information Studies) and Noah Lenstra (University of North Carolina at Greensboro Department of Library… Read More

The Battle Against Fake News

By Silvia Acevedo Maria Haigh, an associate professor in the School of Information Studies, types into thin air, mimicking news trolls. “They’re working in shifts nonstop,” says Haigh, who studies internet trust and fake news. “It’s a machine.” Haigh’s campaign… Read More

SOIS Student Research Day

SOIS undergraduate and graduate students (including Ph.D students) will showcase their research work at the annual Student Research Day – April 26th. Participation will take the form of papers and posters based on students’ course projects or professional research work.