Pandemic Stresses Increasing Burnout Among Librarians

As centers of their communities, libraries and the people who run them are increasingly called upon to take on new ways to support the public. The new expectations put on libraries during the pandemic increased the burnout rate among librarians,… Read more

Intern returns to help organization that helped him

UWM student Giovanni Claudio says that his internship through the Nonprof-IT program has been invaluable, giving him a look at what working life will be like and giving him the chance to develop leadership skills. (UWM Photo/Troye Fox) Giovanni Claudio’s… Read more

The School of Information Studies has a New Home

Students will get their first glimpse of new classrooms, labs, and lounge areas when they return to UWM’s School of Information Studies this fall. After several delays due to COVID, funding, and supply issues, the new space in UWM’s Northwest… Read more

Virtual Workshop on Metadata, Linked Data, and Data

The intersection of metadata, linked data, and data has the potential to open up creative applications in knowledge organization, cultural heritage studies, information retrieval, data modeling, and data representation. This virtual workshop will provide a platform for academics and practitioners… Read more